Superhero Nails

September 17, 2014

Metallic is not normally my thing. I generally prefer a creme or matte finish. But since painting my nails with Racy by Sephora Formula X, I have not been able to stop gushing over it. There is something so intriguing about this colour. Is it silver? Is it purple? Is it green? The answer – all of the above. Technically it’s a chrome finish. Sephora defines it as “ultrametallic”. There’s a slight iridescence to this polish and every time I catch a glimpse of my tips, it seems as though the colour has changed.

Formula X Polish in Racy 

I have a confession! This colour makes me feel… like a bad-ass chick! Yep, I said it!

Maybe it’s the fact that my nails have grown to an absurd length, but there’s something about this paint job that feels a little devilish. At first I felt like a female villain in from the fairytales we’re all familiar with: The Evil Queen who battles with Snow White to sustain her beauty as the fairest of them all. Or Maleficent, Disney’s most iconic villain recently portrayed by Angelina Jolie on the big screen. But after giving it some thought, this colour is definitely a little more Catwoman. I mean, look at this photo of Halle Berry – and can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful she is?

Halle Berry as Catwoman in the 2004 film
(Photo from

This nail polish borderlines good and evil, villain and hero. With an initial glimpse of the metal-like coat, the words “mirror, mirror” come to mind. But with a simple tilt of my hand, the sweet lavender tint reminds me to come back to my innocence.

Racy in natural sun light 

I cannot express my love for these Sephora Formula X polish enough! For the past few weeks I have not been wearing topcoat. My last bottle dried up and with an early onset of Alzheimer’s (self-diagnosed) I keep forgetting to buy a new one. Unfortunately, this means my DIY manicure chips faster than a woodpecker can peck a hole in a tree.

Not with Racy! I have now been wearing this polish for 6 days and it has only just begun chipping. Seriously – this is damn good stuff! It applies nicely and is opaque after just one coat.

Colour + formula = BIG WIN for me!


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