A Magical Lipliner – No Sharpener Required

September 26, 2014

I rarely escape a drugstore without adopting a new beauty product. It’s kind of like visiting your local animal shelter and falling in love with that puppy in the window. It’s so irresistible and before you know it, you’re buying a cage and carrying that cutie home with you. But instead of a furry friend, I now have a drawer full of lipstick and eyeshadows. Or as my Dad would say, “paint by number supplies”.

OK it’s not that bad. Now I just sound crazy…

I consider it a hobby and while my bank account cries out for help, sometimes I find gems like this and it suddenly becomes justifiable.

I was browsing the aisles the other day and stumbled upon a new display for the Annabelle Stay Sharp Self Sharpening Waterproof Lipliner. I’ve had my eye on the Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liners, but at $23 each I just haven’t bit the bullet. So when I saw these “puppies” were selling for a fraction of the price, I just HAD to pick one up. I was curious to see how this drugstore version performed. I chose the colour Berry – a deep, wine/burgundy shade.

The concept of this lip liner is super cool! There is a teeny, tiny sharpener in the top of the pencil’s cap. With each twist of the lid, the liner is shaped into a point to ensure perfect application every time. There’s no need to worry about spilling little pencil shavings all over the place.

It’s also seriously waterproof! Be careful of smudging, because you’ll need a makeup remover to get it off. Mine lasted about four hours, even after eating breakfast and sipping on a couple of teas.

While I haven’t had the chance to try the Smashbox version yet, I have a feeling this is going to be a great drugstore dupe. It’s got good colour pay off and is a perfect pairing to layer under my Mac Lipstick in Dark Side.


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