Top 5 Nail Colours for Fall

October 3, 2014

When I think of fall or autumn, I think of the leaves changing colours, falling off of their branches and scattering the ground. I think of dark greens, oranges, reds and yellows. 

Here’s a quick round-up of my favourite nail colours for fall:

Formula X for Sephora Flashy

Red – a classic! It will never go out of style and in my opinion it’s perfect during any season.  There are so many different shades of red to choose from. This one is a true, bright red and I’m obsessed!

OPI Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow

There’s something about the amount of sunlight during a day that is reflected in what we wear. During the summer months; when the nights are long and the sun lingers until nine o’clock, we wear bright, pastel or neon colours. As we transition into the colder months, the sun goes down earlier and we tend to wear darker colours. See the relationship? More sun = more colour. Less sun = less colour. Who made this rule?

Anyways…I do enjoy wearing a dark nail during the fall/winter and OPI Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow is the colour I gravitate to most. It’s a super dark green that leans toward black in certain light. This is a great choice for anyone who wishes to try out dark nail polish but may not be keen on wearing pure black.

Essie Merino Cool

The word Merino automatically makes me think of a cozy sweater made of the softest wool. Essie Merino Cool is a muted purple with grey undertones. On the nail it look so chic and is the epitome of fall.

OPI Bubble Bath

A neutral colour is key – especially for anyone attending business meetings or requiring a more professional appearance. In my opinion, a pale pink is perfect during any time of the year. OPI Bubble Bath is a pretty sheer colour – the image below is with three coats. But it’s great for travelling,  or if you know you’re going to be wearing a nail polish for a while and may not have the ability to touch it up You will barely be able to see any chips with this “your nail but better” colour.

Essie Jamaica Me Crazy

I know what you’re thinking. “Kelly this is a bright colour…”

Don’t shoot me. Essie Jamaica Me Crazy is not quite as bright as it appears in the photo above. It’s a jewel-toned, magenta and is perfect for the first few weeks of fall when mother nature isn’t quite sure how to behave. I tend to break the rules and wear bright colours all year round anyways.

What are your favourite nail colours for fall? Feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to hear your suggestions.

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