Huge Lush Christmas Haul

October 24, 2014

Santa came to town! Oh, he didn’t stop at your house? That’s OK, he didn’t stop by mine either. But he did manage to take a quick visit to the LUSH store and dropped off a ton of beautiful products to help us get ready for the holidays.

If you have never heard of LUSH before, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Especially if you claim to be a bath enthusiast. I am completely obsessed with their products and you will probably see many posts featuring their name on this blog. Before I begin, I want to give you a bit of a run down on the company.

LUSH creates and sells all natural, organic cosmetics with the finest essential oils. They strongly believe in “green” and continue to find ways to protect our planet. All of their packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. In addition, they have a “Charity Pot” program which supports various environmental groups financially through the sale of certain products.

LUSH is very anti-animal testing. They have a Supplier Specific Boycott which states they will not buy ingredients from manufacturers that tests on animals.

Everything LUSH believes in, is an important factor that encourages me to buy. However, I cannot forget to mention how FUN this company is. Every employee I have ever met has been exciting, interesting and happy. Every product I have ever bought has brought a smile to my face and made me feel like a kid again. As a writer, I cannot applaud the company enough for it’s creative storytelling and description of each product. Everything about LUSH is so unique and addicting!

Definitions (specific for this post):

Bubble Bars:

Crumble one of these under running water to create mountains of thick, frothy bubbles that will last a really long time. Tip: don’t use a whole bubble bar all at once or you may have an overflow of bubbles to mop up. I like to cut mine into smaller pieces and use them for multiple baths.

Luxury Bath Melts:

Pop one of these in your bath for extra soft water. Every bath melt contains loads of natural butters and oils to help moisturise your skin.

Bath Bombs:

These may also be known as “bath ballistics”. They have the ability to make bath time really exciting. Plop one of these in and watch it fizz as it releases different colours and delightful scents. In addition, some of LUSH’s bath bombs contain surprises (like glitters, messages and flower petals) but they can only be seen once used. You really have a front row seat to your own personal bath time show.

LUSH also sells face products (cleansers, toners, scrubs, masks), hair products (shampoo, treatments, gels), lip products, shaving creams, deodorants, perfumes and makeup.

I’m mostly a fan of their bubble bars. These products have changed my life! Bath time has never been the same.

A few weeks ago I posted this photo on Twitter showing off some Halloween themed goodies I grabbed. About a week later, the company released their Christmas collection. I know what you’re thinking, but I disagree – it’s never too early for Christmas! My eyes lit up when I saw how cute everything was and so I decided to stock up.

I can only image the array of colours that will fizz out of this eye-catching bath bomb once popped into a bath. With notes of lavender, it promises to soothe our bodies and release any tensions we may carry with us at the end of a day. It’s perfect for anyone who may have troubles sleeping, specifically if eager and excited for an event the next day – like Christmas!

According to the LUSH website, this bath bomb is given it’s name for the actions it takes once set in water. “Just as jolly Old St. Nick races around delivering presents to good girls and boys on Christmas Eve, this Dashing Santa Bath Bomb will fly around the tub, dashing to and fro.” He is scented with beautiful citrus fragrances including Satsuma, mandarin and bergamot.

It’s really Santa! This is, visually, the most festive product in the entire holiday collection. He has a Snow Fairy scent, which is a cult favourite shower gel with LUSH lovers. Basically it smells like a mixture of bubblegum, cotton candy and vanilla all wrapped into a handsome looking bath bomb.

LUSH loves it’s glitter. I have to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan because it does get super messy. But I couldn’t resist this bubble bar for two reasons:

  1. The name! Do I hear any Breakfast at Tiffany’s fans?
  2. The size. It’s huge! I will probably get 8 baths from this one.

It has a warm scent that really reminds me of the holidays. LUSH says “its decadent scent is like bathing in a boozy tub of warm Christmas fruit punch.” Yum, yes please!

Butterbear (Bath Bomb)

This cutie is full of cocoa butter to help moisturize our skin during the dry months of winter. It’s vanilla scent will linger even after you exit the tub.

This is my absolute favourite item from LUSH’s Christmas range. I am kicking myself for only buying one. The little orange chrystals on top are actually poppy candy that, once wet, create a sound similar to a crackling fire. Combined with a spicy cinnamon scent, this bath bomb is perfect on a cold day.

We can’t blame this guy for melting – he is made up of different spicy fragrances that provide a warm sensation inside. Created with cinnamon and cloves this bath melt is the epitome of holiday scents. In addition, he is full of shea butter and almond oil help to moisturize the skin.

How cute is this?! It actually makes music. This is a really great bubble bar because the stick allows you to swish it around in your water, set aside and reuse for multiple baths. It’s strawberry scented and smells like a dream.

I tend to take more baths during the colder months, which is probably why I got a little more excited when I saw this collection come out. But I think I’m set with bath products for a while now…


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