How to: Create a Fishtail Braid

November 10, 2014

I was surprised at how many compliments I got the first time I wore a fishtail braid.

You are going to be shocked when you find out how simple it is.

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Pull all of your hair to one side.

2. Separate into two sections.

3. From one of the two sections, create a separate and much smaller strand from the back. Bring this across the front and combine to the opposite bunch of hair.

4. Much like the last step, pull a strip of hair from the section you just combined and add it to the first section.

5. Continue this process back and forth between the two sections until you run out of hair. Remember to pull tight.

6. Secure with a clear elastic band.

7. Gently pull at different areas of your braid to make it appear larger and thicker. In my opinion, the messier the better. Fishtail braids look great when they are slightly undone and have an effortless feel.

8. I also like to pull small sections of hair out on the opposite side of my braid for balance.

9. Spray with hairspray for hold.

It’s a twist on the modern braid and is sure to attract some attention.


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