12 Days of Festive Nails – Day 2: Red & Green Polka Dots

December 3, 2014

Welcome to day two of my 12 Days of Festive Nails series! Today we’re talking dots!

This is possibly the easiest nail tutorial you will see during this series.

I don’t own any nail dotting tools so I had to improvise. I found some wooden skewers in my kitchen and they worked just as well. You could also use toothpicks, the end of makeup brushes, a pencil, etc.

Let’s begin!

I started by painting my nails with a white base. Please keep in mind that this colour combination is a recommendation. I think it looks great for Christmas but you are free to use different colours if you would like. This manicure would even work for different occasions (pink and red for valentines day or orange and black for halloween). The possibilities are endless.

Once the white had dried, I dipped the end of a skewer into some green polish and dabbed random dots towards the tip of my nails.

I did the same with some red nail polish.

And then again with a dark green colour.

Finally, I added some darker red dots.

I actually really like the look of the dots when they overlap. A quick coat of top coat should be applied at the end to seal the deal.

It’s a festive and fun take on the a gradient or french manicure and I promise it’s so easy, anyone can do it!


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