12 Days of Festive Nails: Day 3 – “Ugly” Christmas Sweater

December 5, 2014

December is a busy month! Our weekends quickly book up with plans for family gatherings, work parties, secret santa gift-exchanges…and the ever-popular ugly christmas sweater parties.

I think this manicure is actually pretty cute, rather than ugly. But it’s the perfect pairing for your somewhat humiliating sweater.

I used a dark teal nail polish and opted for red as an accent. Then I took a white striper to create different shapes and designs. My advice when re-creating this look is to be patient! Take your time with the design because it can get messy. However, a few smudges isn’t so bad because it mimics the look of something your great-grandmother hand-knitted (not perfect but still distinguishable).

I would also suggest getting inspiration from Pinterest for different patterns.

Attending an ugly christmas sweater party this year? I would love it if you sent me photos with your version of this manicure along with your horrible jumper. Tweet me (@beautybybirdy1). Tag my page (Beauty by Birdy) in a Facebook photo. Or send me an e-mail (beautybybirdy1@gmail.com).


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