12 Days of Festive Nails: Day 5 – Simple Snowman

December 9, 2014

Who doesn’t love Frosty the Snowman? Fun fact: it used to be my favourite holiday movie and often brings back memories from my childhood.

These snowman nails are super fun and cute. I had quite a few people go awwwww when they saw my “frosty” manicure.

For this look I decided to make my own nail decals. It’s really simple and I actually have a whole blog post on the technique (see here). Using your dominant hand and attempting to keep it steady is a task in itself. Having to switch hands and keep everything neat is even harder. So rather than getting frustrated and trying to create these miniature snowmen directly on my nails, it’s much easier to paint them like a picture on a piece of parchment paper first.

To begin, I created a rough shape of each nail using a navy blue polish and let it dry completely.

I also took a cue from my Red and Green Polka Dot manicure, which appeared on day two of this series, and used wooden skewers instead of dotting tools to create the shapes. I used the fatter end to create the snowman’s body with some while polish.

Then I flipped the skewer over and used the sharper end to create two black eyes and three buttons going down the snowman’s torso.

I used the same end to create a triangle shape with orange polish for the nose. I also added a light blue scarf.

I found it easier to dab a bit of the individual nail polish colours onto a separate section of the parchment paper. It preventing picking up too much product and kept everything nice and clean.

Finally I added some small white dots to look like falling snow.

Transferring the design onto each nail is easy – just peel and stick. But make sure to apply a thin coat of nail polish to each finger first to ensure the decal will adhere.

These snowman should stick around for a while – no matter what the temperature is outside. But be aware that these cuties could seriously melt some hearts.

Well, my “Cheese Factor” just reached 10 and I’m completely OK with it…


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