A Pop of Colour for Spring

Spring is FINALLY here, which means it's time to experiment and play with brighter colours to celebrate the new season.

Lately I've really enjoyed spicing up my beauty routine by adding a pop of colour on my lower lash line. It's something that takes no time at all and can really jazz up an everyday makeup look.

A similar look can be achieved by using a coloured eyeliner, but I prefer to use eyeshadows for a softer result. In this picture, I went with a vibrant teal and used Morphe Brushes shadow in 41 - B.A.M. The name says it all! The pigmentation is insane and the colour lasts all day without smudging or fading. I like to wiggle the product tightly against the root of my bottom lashes, then use a small pencil brush to bring the colour down and blend out harsh edges. When doing a brighter look like this, I also try to keep my lid shadows fairly neutral to avoid looking like a clown.

Certain colours can accentuate your eyes:
  • Wear purple if you have green eyes
  • Wear pink/coral if you have blue eyes
  • Wear teal if you have brown eyes
  • Wear burgundy if you have hazel eyes.

Add a 'spring to your step' with a pop of colour on your lower lash line. If you have any techniques, tricks or colour preferences for achieving a similar look, I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below. 



Mini Target Haul

I've never been much of a Target fan, but I have been known to pounce on a sale if I see one. Since Target announced it was eliminating all stores from Canada, I have been patiently waiting for some decent liquidation sales (specifically on cosmetics).

I ventured into the store a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised to find 40% off signs posted everywhere. While most of the products have already been picked over, I dug through the leftovers and managed to find a few really exciting items.

I grabbed three of the L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Colour's in Jet Set to Paris (royal blue), Not a Cloud in Sight (pale blue/turquoise) and New Money (lime green). I've been eyeing the green colour for a while because it is so different from any other polish in my collection. The other two just looked too beautiful to pass up. 

I was also super excited to find some of the new Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick's. I purchased the shades Tulip (orange-y coral), Azalea (hot pink) and Peony (pale pink). I'm not sure what makes them 'HD', but these may be some of my new favourite lip products. They are highly pigmented, super - and I mean SUPER - creamy and I also really love the fruity scent. The packaging is a little mediocre, but I don't hate it. 

With liquidation sales, I've noticed shoppers tend to rip open packaging and stick their fingers, and who knows what else, in the product. It really weirds me out and I normally don't buy anything during sales like these unless the items are fully sealed. I was lucky this time to get my hands on some great (clean) finds and I can't wait to wear them!



Top 5 Nail Colours for Spring

Spring is in the air! The snow is melting, birds are singing, the sun is shining and temperatures are rising!

March 20th marks the official first day of spring and after a very long, dull winter, we are finally starting to transition into brighter shades! Here are some of my favourite nail colours for the new season:

From left to right: OPI No Room for the Blues, Essie Turquoise & Caicos, 
OPI Do You Lilac It?, Essie Tart Deco, OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries

OPI No Room for the Blues
This name is perfect! By now we've all probably caught a case of the winter blues - but with a vibrant colour like this, it's hard to feel down. It reminds me of clear skies and happy days.

Essie Turquoise & Caicos
When it comes to spring I think of a few different things: pastel colours, tulips, sunshine and the Easter Bunny. And what does the furry guy bring with him? Chocolate! Lots, and lots of chocolate! This colour reminds me of Cadbury Mini Eggs. Come on, who doesn't love them? It seems pretty fitting to wear this colour on our nails during the season too.

OPI Do You Lilac It?
I am on a mission to find tulips this colour! This pale lavender just screams spring to me.

Essie Tart Deco
Although corals are more appropriate for summer months, I'm an eager beaver and can't wait that long. This polish from Essie is a muted version and is the perfect balance between orange and pink.

OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries
This is such a unique colour. It's in-between red and purple, and is bright but not too bright. It's time to pack away those dark, depressing colours we've been sporting for the last five months and bust out some colour! There's a good chance it could lift your spirit too.

What are your favourite nail colours for Spring? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear your suggestions!


Let's Talk Dirty...

Male Post: By Dev

The soap that is...from eco-friendly, Lush. I discovered this gem of a company while out West a few years ago. I was overwhelmed by their approach to bath and body care, as well as how wicked their store smelt.

Personally, I’ve always been the big brand squeeze tube body wash kind of guy. I love smelling like a million dollar Ken Doll. Who doesn’t? The only issue is the constant scrubbing with bottled manliness caught up with me recently and started to irritate my skin. Showers of hot, hard water mixed with chemically saturated soaps left my skin dry and itchy, especially during winter months. Lucky for me, I took a chance on change, and bought a slice of the Dirty Soap.

The true-blue, minty fresh barred soap is great for scrubbing clean and smelling mean. Now, Lush is a company that doesn’t create gender specific lines or products, so any soap or scent could be the right match for you, but as a guy, smelling fresh and minty with a bit of Dirty mixed in is fine by me. 

The spearmint oils and menthol crystals leave you smelling “dentist” fresh But it’s not all mint. The Dirty Soap combines fine, herbal notes to add an air of earthy masculinity. It’s also infused with thyme oil, a remedy with a bit of a past, proven to soothe dry skin and treat scalp irritation. I found this fact incredibly comforting, knowing that it is a natural and safe product that will help keep my skin in decent shape.

Lush products are made from fresh, organic ingredients and they use little to no preservatives, making you’re experience using them safe and better for the planet in the long run. There’s no film left on your skin after a shower, nor an overly perfume-y scent. The soap leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. I dare say, even “minty fresh”.

I do have a confession though; this bar of Dirty is not my first. I was so impressed by it after my first use; I had to go back and get more. I was also eager to share my thoughts with you. I would highly recommend the Dirty Soap by Lush to any guy,  or girl, that’s looking for a fresh new product that won’t leave you feeling like you need to shower after a shower.

~ Dev

Intrigued? You may want to check out these other Dirty scented products from Lush:

This moisturizing bar features a twist on the Dirty scent with the addition of vegan dark chocolate. With plenty of cocoa butter, it promises to leave skin soft and hydrated. 

Lush states this product "was inspired by the way many guys leap out of bed, spray under the shirt they've been wearing since yesterday, and head out the door smelling clean, fresh and sexy."

Made with sodium bicarbonate and menthol crystals, this shower gel will cause a tingling sensation. These ingredients help soften the water and your skin.  

Dirty Hair Cream
This product is great for taming wild locks and keeping your hair in place. The addition of rosemary helps soothe dry scalps.

Dirty Shaving Cream
The Dirty scent has been blended into this shave cream, along with honey to avoid razor burn.