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March 2, 2015
Male Post: By Dev

The soap that is…from eco-friendly, Lush. I discovered this gem of a company while out West a few years ago. I was overwhelmed by their approach to bath and body care, as well as how wicked their store smelt.

Personally, I’ve always been the big brand squeeze tube body wash kind of guy. I love smelling like a million dollar Ken Doll. Who doesn’t? The only issue is the constant scrubbing with bottled manliness caught up with me recently and started to irritate my skin. Showers of hot, hard water mixed with chemically saturated soaps left my skin dry and itchy, especially during winter months. Lucky for me, I took a chance on change, and bought a slice of the Dirty Soap.

The true-blue, minty fresh barred soap is great for scrubbing clean and smelling mean. Now, Lush is a company that doesn’t create gender specific lines or products, so any soap or scent could be the right match for you. As a guy, smelling fresh and minty with a bit of Dirty mixed in is fine by me.


The spearmint oils and menthol crystals leave you smelling “dentist” fresh. But it’s not all mint. The Dirty Soap combines fine, herbal notes to add an air of earthy masculinity. It’s also infused with thyme oil – a remedy with a past – proven to soothe dry skin and treat scalp irritation. I found this fact incredibly comforting, knowing that it is a natural and safe product that will help keep my skin in decent shape.

Lush products are made from fresh, organic ingredients. They use little to no preservatives, making you’re experience using them safe and better for the planet in the long run. There’s no film left on your skin after a shower. Nor an overly perfume-y scent. The soap leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. I dare say, even “minty fresh”.


Confession: this bar of Dirty is not my first. I was so impressed by it after my first use, I went back for more. I would highly recommend the Dirty Soap by Lush to any guy,  or girl, that’s looking for a fresh new product that won’t leave you feeling like you need to shower after a shower.

~ Dev

Intrigued? You may want to check out these other Dirty scented products from Lush:
Dirty Massage Bar
This moisturizing bar features a twist on the Dirty scent with the addition of vegan dark chocolate. With plenty of cocoa butter, it promises to leave skin soft and hydrated. 
Dirty Solid Perfume
Lush states this product “was inspired by the way many guys leap out of bed, spray under the shirt they’ve been wearing since yesterday, and head out the door smelling clean, fresh and sexy.”
Dirty Springwash
Made with sodium bicarbonate and menthol crystals, this shower gel will cause a tingling sensation. These ingredients help soften the water and your skin.  
Dirty Hair Cream
This product is great for taming wild locks and keeping your hair in place. The addition of rosemary helps soothe dry scalps.
Dirty Shaving Cream
The Dirty scent has been blended into this shave cream, along with honey to avoid razor burn. 


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