Mini Target Haul

March 18, 2015

I’ve never been much of a Target fan, but I have been known to pounce on a sale if I see one. Since Target announced it was eliminating all stores from Canada, I have been patiently waiting for some decent liquidation sales. Specifically on cosmetics!

I ventured into the store a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised to find 40% off signs posted everywhere. While most of the products have already been picked over, I dug through the leftovers and managed to find a few really exciting items.

I grabbed three of the L’Oreal Colour Riche Nail Colour’s in Jet Set to Paris (royal blue), Not a Cloud in Sight (pale blue/turquoise) and New Money (lime green). I’ve been eyeing the green colour for a while. It is so different from any other polish in my collection. The other two just looked too beautiful to pass up.

I was also super excited to find some of the new Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick’s. I purchased the shades Tulip (orange-y coral), Azalea (hot pink) and Peony (pale pink). I’m not sure what makes them ‘HD’, but these may be some of my new favourite lip products. They are highly pigmented and super – I mean SUPER – creamy. I also really love the fruity scent. The packaging is a little mediocre, but I don’t hate it.

With liquidation sales, I’ve noticed shoppers tend to rip open packaging and stick their fingers (and who knows what else) in the product. It really weirds me out! I normally don’t buy anything during sales like these unless the items are fully sealed. I was lucky this time to get my hands on some great (clean) finds and I can’t wait to wear them!


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