The “Simple” Solution for Late Night Lazy Girls

May 7, 2015

Lazy girls unite!

If these first few words have peaked your interest, most likely you’ve been known to leave your makeup on overnight. I hear you! Sometimes I’m too tired to hang my head over the sink and lift my arms to wash my face. Sad, but true.

But hallelujah, the Sensitive Skin Experts at Simple have a solution for us! I’m serious when I say get in your car now and head to your local drugstore to purchase the Micellar Cleansing Water. You can thank me later…

Just apply a generous amount over a cotton pad and swipe over all areas of your face – even eyes. The best part…no need to rinse!

It’s fragrance free, suitable for sensitive skin, works great for anyone struggling with dryness and helps dissolve all traces of makeup.

I’m convinced it’s purely just water in a bottle, but there has got to be some mermaid powers involved because this stuff is absolutely magical! Sadly there are no mythical creature ingredients listed on the bottle. But it does contain a blend of minerals, multi-vitamins and gentle cleansers to eliminate dirt and impurities. It’s also made with triple purified water (this doesn’t help my theory) to boost the skin’s hydration.

I love using this in the morning, especially when I’m in a rush. It’s also great after a late night when all I want to to is crawl into bed and shut my eyes. It’s the most simple solution I have found to keep my skin clean, fresh and rejuvenated. Even on the laziest of days.


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