Summer Favourite – LAVANILA Vanilla Coconut

May 26, 2015

With summer quickly approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss an amazing scent for the season during #FragranceWeek. The LAVANILA Vanilla Coconut Eau de Parfum Spray is absolutely divine and has become a more recent favourite of mine. It contains an exotic blend of creamy coconut and Madagascar vanilla. Now if you read my last post, then you’ll understand my obsession with sweet scents. This one is no different, but it has a bit of a tropical twist. It reminds me slightly of Hawaiian Tropics sunscreen – but better, of course.

Before I continue, I want to address the fact that we all have different opinions. I’m a fan of the ‘warm cookies’ type of perfumes and it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s also important to remember that perfume can smell different on one person, than it does on another. When fragrances are sprayed onto our skin, a chemical reaction occurs and ultimately our body odour (whether good or bad) creates a unique smell. Always try before you buy!

Now back to the star of this post…

The sweet undertones definitely take over, but I find it to be very calm and relaxing. It takes me back to times spent lounging on a beach, drinking pina coladas and soaking in rays.

I also really enjoy the LAVANILA brand because they use natural and organic ingredients. All of their products are free of chemicals, so they’re safe and healthy to use. Plus it lasts all day long on my skin.

I purchased a rollerball size for trial purposes, but will absolutely buy a large bottle once it’s gone.


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