Best Smelling Lotion – The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter

May 27, 2015

Was anyone else obsessed with The Body Shop Satsuma Lip Balm when they were younger? I went though countless pots of the shimmering, zesty product in high school. But now I’ve moved on and fallen in love with their award-winning Body Butter.

First – I love the bright, citrus scent. Second – it lingers on the skin for a really long time. Sometimes it even absorbs into my clothing. Therefore, if you find yourself digging through your dirty laundry more often than not, The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter may be your saving grace for keeping your shirts smelling fresh. No need to be shy here, we’re all guilty of committing this crime at one point or another.

Much like the Aquolina Pink Sugar perfume I discussed a couple of days ago, the Satsuma scent is very unique and distinct. It’s quite strong and can be identified easily. It’s unlike any other orange infused product I’ve ever tried.

I’m a really big advocate for the entire line of Body Butters and have tried numerous different scents. Created using Community Fair Trade shea butter, they’re fast absorbing and keep the skin hydrated for hours. But hands down, Satsuma is my favourite.


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