LUSH Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar Review

June 15, 2015

I’m probably not the only one who couldn’t wrap their head around the idea of solid shampoo. My initial thought – it’s just not normal. But in my mind, normal is boring. So after working through the skepticism of how a product like the LUSH shampoo bars work, I decided to bite the bullet and give one a try.

I’ve been using the Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar for a few weeks now, and couldn’t wait to share my experience and opinions with you. But first, let me provide you with some factual information about the product…

To create a solid shampoo bar, the geniuses at LUSH compact all-natural quality ingredients and essential oils into hockey puck shapes. Although small, each shampoo bar can last for roughly 80 washes. They’re self-preserving, meaning they’re not only good for our hair but also for the environment. Unlike many shampoo products, these ones do not require packaging. They’re helping to reduce the amount of plastic bottles entering landfills. Plus their compact size also makes them perfect for travel.

The one I purchased smells like toffee! It contains Fair Trade honey, a very moisturizing ingredient to create soft, supple hair. I rub the bar directly at my scalp in three-four different areas before using my fingers to create a lather. Let me tell you…this stuff has incredible lathering capabilities. I felt like I was part of a shampoo commercial. Bubbles galore!

To protect it from steamy showers and prevent it from melting in between uses, I bought an aluminum tin to store mine in. A tip I was told when purchasing this heavenly bar is to make sure it’s somewhat dry before putting it away, otherwise it will turn into goo. I just use a piece of paper towel.

I really want the delicious scent to linger on my tresses, so I don’t use a conditioner. At first I was concerned about running a brush through my hair, but was pleasantly surprised when it glided right through. The shampoo bar also makes my hair feel squeaky clean, a great quality after a day of too many styling products.

Call me a convert – but I love solid shampoo and would recommend them to anyone and everyone! They come in all different scents and combine ingredients that serve different purposes. So whether you have a dry, itchy scalp. Struggle with tangles. Or simply just want a little more shine – there’s a shampoo bar for you.


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