Pinned and Tried - Mouthwash Remedy for Bruises

For some unfortunate reason, I bruise super easily! You could flick me and a bruise will pop up. Actually, you could probably poke me with a feather and a bruise would pop up. It's never a good look...

According to this post on Pinterest, there's a secret home remedy for minimizing the appearance of bruises. It's something most of us already have in our cabinets at home...mouthwash!

Of course I was skeptical of the trick, but after a day of helping my cousin move, I was left with a handful of ugly bruises all over my body. It seemed like the perfect time to put this beauty hack to the test.

For comparison purposes, I only tried the trick on one bruise (the one pictured on my left knee). I soaked a cotton pad and held it over the spot for a good minute. I didn't notice a huge difference after initial application, although it did feel really soothing.

I decided to repeat the step again for the next couple of days to see if the bruise disappeared faster than those without the treatment.

I was super excited with the idea behind this remedy and wanted it to work SOOOO bad. But I have to admit, I didn't notice any spectacular results. There was a cooling sensation immediately after application, which helped soothe any pain I felt, but it didn't last long. In addition, the physical appearance of my bruise did not fade any faster than the others, which leads me to believe the mouthwash was hardly a miracle product.  

The verdict? I don't think this will be on my holy grail list of secret remedies...


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