Achieve Healthy Skin with Fruit Infused Water

July 3, 2015

In my opinion, the most important step in any beauty regime is to drink lots of water. Keeping our bodies hydrated helps moisturize our skin and retain its elasticity. Let’s be honest – we can hoard all of the high-end beauty products we want and spend a ton of money, but it will probably look like crap if our skin is not taken care of.

A huge fad at the moment is to drink fruit infused water, also known in the diet world as detox water. I prefer to think of it as a way to jazz up H20, which can sometimes seem bland and boring. Fruit infused water is a great alternative for juice and pop. It’s also fun to experiment with different flavours – if you’re feeling adventurous throw in some vegetables, herbs and spices for added benefits.

Two of my current favourite fruit infused water recipes:

Apple & Cinnamon

This seriously tastes like an apple pie! I’ll admit, it was a little strange at first but now I love it! Cinnamon is known for suppressing hunger and apples contain high amounts of fibre, further boosting our metabolism. I notice myself feeling full for a long period of time, especially the few hours in the morning between breakfast and lunch.

Strawberry, Lemon and Cucumber

This is literally summer in a glass. It’s sweet, tart and super refreshing. Lemons and cucumbers can battle the dreaded bloated belly and regulate our digestive system. Plus, cucumbers contain silica which can help calm irritated skin caused by breakouts. In addition, this drink contains a ton of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants including Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

The longer these ingredients sit, the stronger the flavour gets. The fruit can even be recycled throughout the day so go ahead and fill a jug with water over and over again until your bladder simply cannot handle any more.

If you’re desperate to increase your water intake, I suggest you try these fruit infused recipes and experiment to create your own. Your skin (and waistline) can thank me later 😉


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