Pinned and Tried: Fix Cracked or Split Nails with Tea Bags

August 25, 2015

Anyone with long nails will most likely agree with me that it’s absolutely devastating when one breaks. It takes so long to grow them out, and then all of a sudden one bugger nail forces us to cut all nine others into equal length. But what if it didn’t have to be this way?

According to this pin, a small piece of fabric from an unused tea bag can be used as a bandage to repair broken nails. I decided to put it to the test!

Dev and I recently bought a pair of kayaks and have enjoyed paddling in this beautiful summer weather, but I have to admit…it’s not exactly made for long nails. While racking them on the roof of his car the other day, my right thumb nail bent and cracked just along the tip of my finger. I really didn’t want to rip it off, partially because it would be so short, but also for fear of the pain that might have come with it. Has anyone else torn their nail down to the skin? OUCH!

(Excuse the hangnail – it’s a struggle)

It was really the perfect time and my last resort to try this tea bag hack.

After emptying a dry tea bag, I cut a rectangle shape roughly the same width and a little longer than the length of my nail. I applied a fairly thick layer of base coat to my nail before placing the makeshift bandage over the crack. I used my fingers to smooth out the bubbles. Once everything was dry, I eliminate the excess with a nail file.

The base coat I’m currently testing out the Sally Hansen Complete Care Extra Moisturizing 4-in-1 Nail Treatment. It’s formulated with avocado oil, soy and silk protein and minerals to help strengthen dry, brittle nails. I haven’t used it enough to know if it’s making a dramatic difference, but I’ll keep you posted!

I attempted to smooth over all of the edges with a buffer to ensure the tea bag remained hidden and unnoticeable. My nail colour applied smoothly and almost seamlessly over the top at first. I could barely even tell where the ‘surgery’ took place. But…

…after my nail polish dried completely, the ridges were much more noticeable. This was probably my own fault for not filing down the face of my nail enough.

So while I didn’t achieve the most flawless result, I do feel that this trick reinforced my nail and made it feel much stronger than it did before. It even survived a night of volleyball! Tea bag bandage for the win! I will definitely use this trick again.


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