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September 24, 2015

It’s no secret that Covergirl makes some of the best mascaras on the market. The original LashBlast Volume in orange packaging seems to be most popular at the drugstore, and the Full Lash Bloom has been my favourite for the last six months or so. Until now…

Bravo Covergirl! You’ve introduced me to yet again another fantastic mascara, The Super Sizer, which recently took first place as my favourite.¬†Initially I was skeptical about it’s claims to create 400% corner-to-corner volume – that’s a huge promise. To be honest, it doesn’t thicken my lashes all that much, but I’m glad I made the purchase and gave it a whirl for many other reasons.

First, let’s discuss the wand. It’s a little atypical, with a spiky comb-like brush. It’d say it’s a square-ish shape, rather than round, with two sides sprouting long bristles and two sides with short, nearly non-existent spikes. The bristles also gradually get longer towards the end of the wand in a slight curve. This brush really grabs hold of lashes and coats them from root to tip. It’s also easy to use for the inner corners and works wonders on bottom lashes because the wand is so slim.

The formula is quite wet. Therefore, you do have to be careful about it smudging after immediately applied (fight back those sneezes ladies). But it allows for multiple coats to be layered without clumping. Once it’s dry, it’s there for good and leaves soft, supple lashes that won’t flake throughout the day. Plus, it’s also opthalmologically tested and suitable for contact wearers!

It creates some volume, but what’s most impressive is how long and fluttery my lashes become. They remain curled and lifted, looking beautiful all day long. When it’s time to take my makeup off, the mascara removes with ease.


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