‘Fall-ifying’ a Makeup Brush Holder

September 29, 2015

This brush holder project was inspired by a series of hikes over the last couple of weeks. The leaves are beginning to change colours and flutter to the ground. It’s so beautiful and I appreciate how everything looks different each time we hit the trails. But the change of season always seems to happen way too quickly and soon it will all be over. Wanting to bring the colourful leaves indoors to enjoy even after they all disappear outside, I came up with the idea to ‘fall-ify’ a makeup brush holder.

I recycled a 3-wick candle from Bath and Body Works and used the glass jar as the base. I had to depot some of the leftover wax and wicks, but this was fairly simple. By popping the container into the freezer for roughly 24 hours, the wax hardened and cracked easily with a knife, creating several large chunks that could easily be removed. The wicks are glued to the bottom of the glass and the best way to loosen them is with hot water. I boiled a kettle and very slowly poured enough to covered the wicks. Tip: let the jar warm back up to room temperature before doing this, otherwise you risk cracking the glass.

The particular candle I used had a really pretty orange ombre effect on the outside, which provided a nice background for the yellow, red and orange leaves I used. You can barely tell where the spaces are between each leaf. A clear one would also work really well but I would suggest overlapping the leaves a little more.

Although I was tempted to go leaf-hunting in the great outdoors to collect different shapes and sizes for this project, I opted for these really beautiful fabric leaves with golden glitters I spotted at my local craft store. Everything is better with a little sparkle, don’t cha think?

The rest is pretty self explanatory…apply a layer of modge podge around the outside, let it get tacky, place a leaf and apply even more modge podge over the top. Once all the leaves were positioned, I added a final coat of the sticky stuff over the top to seal the deal and waited an entire day for it to dry. It’s very similar to paper mache projects we did as kids!

 My brushes stand up nicely thanks to some vase filler.

Supplies Used:

  • Empty candle
  • Leaves (real or fake)
  • Modge Podge
  • Sponge or brush
  • Knife
  • Vase Filler

Q-Tips, cotton balls, nail polish, lipsticks, or even markers…the possibilities are up to your imagination. It’s such a versatile project and could be used to hold more than just makeup brushes.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY post and if you’d like to see more like this, please comment below.


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