Sugar Skull Halloween Nails

October 22, 2015

I’ve been waiting all month to do this nail design and the time is finally here to share it with you. Today’s post features sugar skull nails – perfect for Halloween!

I started with white and black on every other finger as a base. I then went in with a dotting tool and some polish to create two polka dots for the eyes. If you’re going to try this for yourself, I suggest keeping these initial spots spaced fairly far apart from each other. Next I went in and added some additional dots around the outside of each eye. As you can see, it ends up looking a little like a flower.

I used a slightly smaller sized dotting tool to add colour directly inside each of these outer polka dots. To create the nose, I again used a dotting tool to drag some nail polish into a triangle shape.

I painted a stripe along the tip of my nail for the mouth, and added teeth by using the same colour as my base on a dotting tool to create polka dots along the top and bottom edges of that line.

I’m so happy with how these nails turned out and have received a ton of comments. Many people can’t believe that I did them myself, which I think is funny because they were so easy!


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