Mesmerizing Shattered Glass Nails

October 26, 2015

Back to back nail posts? I’m afraid so! Sorry…not sorry.

I’ve seen this nail design floating around the Internet over the past few days and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. The trend – called Shattered Glass Manicures – can be achieved by using tiny pieces of cellophane arranged on the nail. The iridescent material reflects the light and mimics the look of broken glass.

I tested out two techniques:

1. The Layered Look:

Pieces of cellophane overlap and make the nail look like a crystal gem.

2. The Mosaic Look:

Tiny shapes of cellophane spaced meticulously around each other look more like glass shards.

The end results are mesmerizing and intriguingly glamorous.

What do you think about this new nail trend? Will I be bumping into you at the craft store with an arm full of cellophane?


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