LUSH’s Yog Nog is the Bomb!

November 20, 2015

Yog Nog, Yog Nog, Yog Nog. Try saying that 10 times, fast…

Although quite the tongue twister, I assure you it’s one brilliant scent released by LUSH around the holidays. As the name suggests, it’s inspired by a vegan egg nog beverage and contains spicy clove bud oil and hints of nutmeg.

I became addicted to the soap circa Christmas 2014, but never really talked about my obsession publicly. However, this year the fresh handmade cosmetic company released a Bath Bomb with the same, creamy delicious scent. So now my secret is out! I can no longer contain my love for Yog Nog. It is THAT GOOD and I am so excited to see LUSH expanding the range! I urge you to give it a whiff for yourself. Let me know if it makes you feel nostalgic!

This frothy, spherical gem would make for a perfectly relaxing, cozy night at home on a cold wintery day. It’s also packed full of organic shea butter and jojoba oil. So you can expect your skin to feel nice and soft afterwards.

What I want to know is whether or not LUSH will introduce Yog Nog in different ranges of products next year. I would love to see the scent as a Bubble Bar, Shower Gel and a Massage Bar. OOOOOOOOOO and a Shampoo Bar too! You bet your bottom dollar I would stock up on everything with the warm, spicy, festive aromas. I am straight up addicted!


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