Lather Up With Some Good Karma

November 26, 2015
Male Post: By Dev

Welcome to another edition of the Male Post on Beauty by Birdy. This time we’re going to be talking about a good ol’ fashioned soap story. Since the first post about the amazingly minty ‘Dirty’ Soap’, I’ve come to terms that I might really like barred soap again. It was a kid thing for me. Early nineties. I didn’t care much for the fancy stuff so Ivory Springs it was!

Now thanks to LUSH, they have revived – resurrected perhaps – even revolutionized body hygiene and skin care for me. Call it a puff piece, but they honestly make great products.

Below is a little low down on LUSH for the newbies.

LUSH uses all natural, as local as possible ingredients with a firm stance on ‘NO’ animal testing. Lush started in the 70’s and was founded with the vision of creating natural hair and beauty products, that weren’t harmful in any way to the environment, producer and consumer…you! They combine fresh ingredients from all around the world, using little to no preservatives in their products and literally no packaging until you leave the store.

LUSH products have given me a turnaround perspective on what I use to clean my skin. I was into the name brand gel body washes, like I’m sure a lot of you lads and ladies use. It’s easy to find at stores and they smell so damn good! But unfortunately for me it was too harsh on my skin. Dehydrated, cracked and irritated skin is what I kept drying off after my showers. Luckily I stumbled upon LUSH, and I haven’t looked back.

Karma Soap

This soap was one of the first that I really liked. It turns out though, that when I discovered it, I didn’t purchase it right away. Shame on me because it’s one of my go-to soaps nowadays, especially for the scent. It’s not a sudsy soap at all, meaning it doesn’t lather too easily, but it does glide across your skin coating it in a clear-orange, karma covering. However, it is highly slippery when wet… if that is it’s only downfall.

It’s made with very earthy and citrus toned oils, which is quite relaxing when you mix it with a hot shower, moisturizing and relaxing your skin with every wash. One of the more prominent oils in the Karma soap is an ingredient known as Patchouli Oil, derived from a dried plant through the process of steam distillation, where the natural and aromatic oils of certain compounds can be extracted through the use of steam, heat and condensation collection. Patchouli Oil is an all natural ingredient that is popular in perfumes today as well as in the hands of aromatherapists for a relaxing experience.

Karma Komba

I also recently picked up ‘Karma Komba’ a Shampoo Bar with the same citrus scent. Let me take a second to explain this whole, ‘shampoo in a bar,’ thing…

They can last up to 80 washes if you keep them dry and away from water after use. I find standing it straight up in a shampoo bar tin, that you can get from LUSH stores, is the best way to let it air dry on all sides. It lathers easily and gives you some more intimate time with your hair, scrubbing in this bar and really massaging your scalp. It feels like a spa treatment when all is said and done and rinsed. Karma Komba is the perfect exotic treat for your hair. The oils in the bar, remember Patchouli, as well as citrus oils and pine, also help to soothe dry and damaged scalps, and smooth out tangled mops of hair, leaving lessto rip out. I also want to note I think it’s cool that the colours of the soap and shampoo bar contrast to the coming holiday season.

Thanks for reading this bubbly piece and I hope you get a little adventurous on your next shower experience. May you indeed receive good karma.

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