Delicate Blush and White Lace Nails

I'm beginning to think nail design posts are my favourite to do! I love being creative, searching the internet for inspiration, and discovering how just a little bit of polish can create something unique and interesting. Today I'm coming at you with these cute, and fairly easy, pink and white lace nails. 

To start, I painted all of my nails a nice blush pink colour. Then I went in with a fairly large dotting tool and some white polish to create two lines of dots down the centre of one nail. 

Next I took the same blush tone as my base on a slightly smaller dotting tool and overlapped the white polka dots just slightly, allowing some to peek out along the outer edges. 

I took white nail polish again and painted a solid line down the middle of my nail. I added some additional pink spots to the centre of this stripe and used a teeny-tiny dotting tool with white polish to stipple around the outer edges of the original dots I put down. 

I know it's not even Christmas yet, but I think these would be perfect for Valentine's Day! Lace nails are also fun because there are so many variation possibilities and colour combinations. I already can't wait to do another set, so watch this space because there may be more coming your way!



  1. Your lace nail art looks great! I have dabbled in nail art before, its so fun! How do you find doing your non dominet hand?

    1. Thanks, Sandie! It definitely takes patience and a steady hand, that's for sure. Plus, everything gets better with a little practice.