Top 5 Nail Colours for Winter

December 20, 2015

Although I recently started a series featuring five favourite lip colours for each season, I somehow managed to skip winter last year when I wrote my top five nail colour posts. Since my pucker normally sports the same hues during fall AND winter, I thought I would rewind a little and share with you my five favourite nail polish choices for the frosty season.

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Coincidentally, all of these nail polishes happen to be by OPI. It’s honestly my preferred brand of nail polish, period.

OPI Ski Teal We Drop

I still love to wear colour during winter, just in darker tones. This beautiful polish combines blue, green and grey to make a deep teal cream. It’s so rich and can be worn with anything! For some reason it reminds me of a chunky knit scarf. It’s definitely a sophisticated way to wear blue, because sometimes brights can be a little tacky…

OPI Dutch’ya Just Love OPI

Unfortunately I think this colour is discontinued. It was part of the Holland collection in 2012. It’s a deep plum with subtle golden and red shimmers throughout. The formula is super opaque and applies smoothly with just one coat, but I apply two for good measure.

OPI The Thrill of Brazil

With Christmas and New Years smack dab at the beginning of winter, it seems quite appropriate to wear a festive red. This nail polish in my opinion is perfect – not too deep, not too orange – a simple, but classic red. I think a statement, poppy nail is wearable during any time of the year. It reminds me of Marilyn Monroe and old Hollywood glamour – definitely feminine and sexy!

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

At first glance, this ‘cult favourite’ nail colour looks black, but stare a little harder and it’s evident that there is an eggplant/plum undertone. It’s dark and grunge-y without being too gothic. I think ebony shades like this were frowned upon at first and deemed inappropriate for the workplace. But in my opinion, if paired with the right outfit, this nail colour can be quite sophisticated and modern. Plus, Linoln Park After Dark is purple, not black – so it’s different!

OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue

Don’t OPI polishes have the cutest names?! I can picture this deep shimmery navy colour on my nails as I sip champagne and count down to midnight on New Years Eve. It’s super shiny and glamourous and really does remind me of a midnight sky during winter time.

Please don’t mind the cut on my index finger in these photos. I will, however, suggest to be extra careful while wielding a knife to cut watermelon. Especially if you’re running late for work…

Here’s hoping winter will be mild and short! I do love wearing these vampy colours, but I also can’t wait to slap on some neons! Actually…I just can’t wait for sunshine and warmth!


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