Sugar Plum Eyeshadow With A Pop Of Evergreen And Double Winged Liner

Last year I posted a classic Christmas look with a shimmering smokey eye and bold red lip. This year I wanted to do something a little more atypical. As the title would suggest, this vibrant, but still holiday appropriate look, is inspired by sweet sugarplums and piney evergreens. 

I used a variation of purples on the eyelid, with deeper tones blended throughout the crease and outer corner. A deep green, blown-out along the lower lash line really helps to make the eyes pop. I really love how the two tones contrast, yet still work together. 

The eyes are quite colourful and bold already, but I wanted to make it even more interesting by doing a double winged liner. It was my first time trying this trick and I am impressed at how easy it was to achieve. I attacked it as if I were applying my liquid eyeliner as usual, but angled the first flick a little lower than I normally would so that it stuck out straight rather than angled up from my lower lash line. I then went above this line and used it as a guide to add another flick.

From a distance it looks like extra thick lashes on the outer corners, but up close and personal it's pretty cool to look at as well!


  • Buff (all over lid)
  • Plum (crease and outer corner)
  • Snow (inner corner and brow bone)
bhcosmetics 88 Matte Eyeshadow Palette (purple on lid and green on lower lash line)

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