Beauty Product Expiration Coding

January 7, 2016

If you’re thinking about reaching into the deep, dark corners of your bathroom cupboard to use some old face mask you bought seven years ago…think again!!! By now that thing could have turned into a fuzzy, green monster and cause you terrible harm.

Ok maybe not, but your skin most definitely will freak out if you try to apply it.

It’s important to remember that beauty products can expire. Pressed products like blush and eyeshadows can last longer than liquid foundations or facial moisturizers, but a day will come when it all needs to be thrown out. Even sunscreens loose their effectiveness after so long.

One thing I didn’t realize before diving into the beauty industry, is that most companies use an icon to label how long the product can be used after it has been opened. So if you are unsure when an item in your collection may expire, check the back of its packaging for what looks like an open jar. The number inside of this image may say 6M, 12M or even 24M, which stands for the number of months before the product should be tossed in the garbage.

Some examples:

Most fresh handmade cosmetic companies, like LUSH, clearly label both when the product was made and when it has expired. It definitely makes it much easier to keep track of a product’s age. How cool is it that there’s even a picture of the person who made it?! Also…#BeardGoals for my male followers. Look at that bushy thing on Corey, the Compounder behind my Skin Drink!

If you pay attention to these guidelines – especially with skincare products- you’ll prevent covering your face with bacteria, which could potetially cause future breakouts or infections.

And this has been a BSA (Birdy Service Announcement) brought to you by Kelly. Stay fresh people!


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