My Experience Getting Eyelash Extensions

February 18, 2016

It seems that false eyelashes have taken the beauty industry by storm in the last year or so. But what normal person has the time or patience to apply a band of falsies every day? I certainly don’t. However, I want long fluttery lashes as much as the next girl. Which is why I became intrigued by the idea of eyelash extensions and caved to curiosity just last month when I popped into Brow and Arrow Esthetics & Boutique for the treatment.

Sidenote: The salon owner’s name is Nicole and she’s the only person I trust to wax the fuzzy caterpillars hanging out above my eyes. Check out her Instagram!

Ps. The photo above is post-extensions but pre-eyebrow wax so don’t mind the mess going on there.

How does it work?

I clearly had no knowledge of eyelash extensions going into it because I thought they were sewed or tied on. Why I wasn’t more nervous is beyond me. But oh man did I feel stupid when informed that they were actually just glued.

Before getting started, she secured my lower lashes with protective shields to prevent them from getting in the way. Then the application process began.

Patience is definitely key! For both parties…

It took roughly two hours and I couldn’t open my eyes the entire time. I’m making it sound like a bad thing…but honestly, it was quite relaxing. The process was completely pain-free and I probably could have napped if I really wanted to. All of the credit must go to Nicole, who sat bent over the entire time to meticulously apply an extension to each existing lash.

Like a surgeon…or a very talented chopstick handler…she used a pair of long tweezers in each hand – one to isolate a natural lash and the other to pick up and glue the extension.

Technical Talk:

Nicole used synthetic mink lashes and applied a combination of 8mm and 12mm lengths in both 0.15 and 0.20 thickness. I loved how natural and soft they ended up looking. They also felt very comfortable and light!

Maintanance & Longevity

At first I felt as though I had to be super gentle and delicate doing anything around my eye area. It was a struggle to apply eyeshadow, curving my brush and hand in distorted positions to work around my lashes. But surprisingly, these bad boys clung like that kid from A Christmas Story’s tongue on the frozen pole.

They lasted a little more than three weeks on me, but I made sure to take really good care of them. For the record, lash extensions are not fond of oils so it’s important to avoid using skincare products that contain the slippery ingredient. I was sad to breakup with my cleanser for a short while, and opted for a micellar water to remove my makeup instead.

Eventually they began to fall out due to my natural eyelash growth cycle, but I was able to fill in the gaps with a little bit of mascara.

Overall, my experience was a good one. In my opinion it’s a little bit of a luxury expense, but I think for anyone with a sunny, tropical vacation planned (lucky bums) these would be awesome! You can skip mascara and not have to worry about black running down your face after jogging out of the ocean, Baywatch style. They would also be really great for anyone that experiences frequent irritation from mascara.

What do you think about this growing beauty trend? Have you had lash extensions before?


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