A Trick To Curl Hair In A Jiffy

May 27, 2016

I can’t exactly remember why I decided to try this hair trick one day – I must have seen it on Pinterest or in a video. Regardless, this is the fastest way I have ever curled my hair and it’s something I do pretty regularly now when I need to get out the door in a jiffy.

First I gather all of my hair into a seriously high ponytail. Think Beyonce and a bit of the 90’s mixed together, but accentuated even more. I basically bring the bundle as close to my forehead as possible. Trust me…baby hairs go haywire and it’s not the prettiest updo, but it’s a key step to creating these super quick beachy waves.

Next I separate my hair into four sections and wrap each one around a curling wand. I hold each piece for a good 10 seconds before letting them fall away from the hot tool.

I have pretty fine hair so this works well for me. Someone with thicker hair may find it easier to create 8-10 sections.

Finally, I remove the hair elastic and give my head a good shake. I’ll run my fingers through everything to make sure there are no kinks and the sections blend together.

The final look is quite natural and effortless. I personally really like the dishevelled, bed-head look and these curls are no where near perfect. I’ve also tried many sea salt sprays that never seem to do what they claim. This is seriously the easiest and fasted way to achieve a beach vibe – perfect for summer (which is less than a month away…YAY!!).

Have you tried this trick before? How did it work for you?


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