#HealthyBirdy Recipe - Mango Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seeds...the fancy super food health nuts have been going crazy about for the last couple of years. Incorporating them into meals can seem a little intimidating at first, but I assure you it's easier than you may think. They can be eaten raw - I like to sprinkle them over yogurt or oatmeal to add some crunch. They can also be ground into powder form and used to replace flour in baking recipes. Or they can be soaked in water or almond milk to create a gel-like consistency.

These tiny seeds are high in protein, fibre, antioxidants, omega-3s and they expand in size to help us feel full for longer.

When I started commuting to Toronto for work, I began packing both breakfast and lunch. The days became somewhat longer and I needed more food to help keep me satiated. I set aside some time in the evening to prep my meals and this chia seed pudding quickly became a favourite. It sits overnight to become thick and gelatinous, and I pull a handful of mango chunks from my freezer in the morning, which thaw perfectly by the time I reach the office.

If you've ever had tapioca pudding before, this has a similar texture. It took me a few tries to finally develop a liking to the consistency, but now I'm obsessed. I prefer to heat it in the microwave, but it can also be eaten cold. It also doesn't have to be reserved specifically for breakfast. Try it as a snack or a sweet treat for dessert in the evening.

You guys are going to be shocked at how easy it is to make!

1/4 Cup Raw Chia Seeds
1 Cup Almond Milk
5 Chunks of Frozen Mango
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

1. Combine the chia seeds, almond milk and vanilla extract into a bowl or Tupperware container.
2. Stir.
3. Refrigerate and let sit overnight.
4. In the morning add the mango.

I told you it was easy! There really is no need to be intimidated by any super foods. As with all recipes and ingredients, trial and error is the best way to experiment and discover what works and what doesn't. We all have different taste buds and enjoy different textures. Get creative in the kitchen and eventually you'll find something that appeals to you.



Five Favourite Lip Colours For Summer

Happy first day of summer!!! You guys know the drill...a new season means it's time for a new lip colour series. Today I'm sharing some of my faves for the summer months. I don't know about you, but when the days are longer and the weather is nice, I feel super cheery and it reflects in the makeup I wear...especially lipsticks.

Left to right: Mac Impassioned, Revlon Showy, Revlon Strawberry Shortcake, 
Maybelline Vibrant Mandarin, Maybelline Pin Up Peach

During spring I try to ease into vibrant colours, but as soon as summer makes its appearance I'm giddy to rock the bright hues. Bring on the orange, fuchsia and Barbie pinks! Although, I do have to contradict myself a little and say that it's also important to have some neutral picks that are perfect for no-makeup, makeup days spent at the beach or by the pool. They really work with any beauty look and add just the slightest amount of colour and shine to brighten my face.

You'll notice I use the word 'tan' several times during this post...because a bronzed complexion just does something special to compliment the majority of these lipsticks. They somehow look completely different than they would with a pale face during winter months. Hurray for sun-kissed glows!

Mac Amplified Creme Lipstick in Impassioned
Fun fact: this is the first Mac lipstick I ever purchased. I just love its neon, fuchsia hue, especially when worn with a sweet floral dress. It's an interesting colour because it leans a little red, yet has come coral to it as well. The amplified creme finish makes it super bold, long-lasting and perfect for summer nights.

Revlon Matte Balm in Showy
This is probably the brightest lipstick in my collection. It's a bubblegum, cool-toned pink - unlike anything I own. To be honest, I thought it would be very tough to pull off at first, but when paired with the right makeup and complimented with a tan, it's perfect for summer. I like to keep the focus on my lips when wearing this colour, so often opt for a nearly naked eye. Aside from a couple coats of mascara, I'll wear white eyeliner on the waterline to make them look wider, or go for a clean swipe of black liquid liner.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake
An oldie, but a goodie! I'm still head over heels for the Colorburst Lip Butters and use them more in the summer when my lips tend to be a little dehydrated or burnt from too much vitamin d. They feel really nice and moisturizing on the lips, but provide high pigmentation at the same time. This pale pink looks really great...(can you guess?)...with a tan!!! It's an easy neutral that can be worn with any makeup or outfit choice.

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Lipstick in Vibrant Mandarin
I love me a good orange lipstick! To me, it's the definition of summer. I wish I could pull off those straight-up, true orange colours, but unfortunately they're just a little too yellow-toned and don't work for my complexion. Instead I prefer to rock ones with red undertones that are still electric and vibrant, like this one!  

Maybelline Color Whisper in Pin Up Peach
Another hydrating neutral that can be worn with anything. This sheer coral is slightly glossy, with the tiniest amount of golden shimmer, and adds a slight hint of colour to my lips for a fresh and natural look. It's the lipstick I reach for on days when I don't want to put effort into getting ready, but also don't want to look like I just rolled out of bed.

Hit me up with some of your summer favourites. The brighter, the better! If there's a neon lipstick on the market you think I should try, let me know!



What's In My Overnight Makeup Bag

Pretty much every weekend I sleep over at Dev's house, so I'm constantly packing an overnight bag. While clothing changes pretty frequently thanks to Sunday laundry cycles, my makeup bag is almost always the same. To be honest, many of these items barely ever get put away in their designated storage place. Instead they hangout in this gorgeous vegan leather makeup bag (on sale now at Sephora)! 

Today I'm sharing a peek inside my overnight makeup bag, which contains products that are perfect for an effortless night time regime and lazy morning routine (so I don't keep my beau waiting while I put on my face, but also don't look like I just rolled out of bed). 

Unless we have some exciting plans, weekends tend to be pretty chill. We generally wake up and make a trip to Starbucks for some much needed caffeine, followed by a hike or some outdoor activity (weather permitting). I don't like to throw on a full face of makeup, because why bother? Instead I keep things super simple and fresh with some concealer, blush and mascara. You guys have already heard me talk about the Covergirl Super Sizer Fibres Mascara, which creates the look of natural falsies. The concealer I'm using at the moment is Covergirl's Ready Set Gorgeous and my all-time favourite blush is the cult classic NARS Orgasm, which has a subtle golden shimmer throughout and gives a beautiful glow to my cheeks. I typically have a variety of lipsticks and lip glosses hanging out in my purse, so if I feel like adding some colour I'll go there. 

Aside from a blush brush, the only other tool I bring is the e.l.f. Flawless Concealer Brush, which is perfectly dense and great for buffing product under the eye, but also fluffy enough to apply the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder to set my concealer. It's nice and small so it doesn't take up too much room in my bag.

I also like to have a couple of eyeliners on hand and choose a colour depending on the number of zzzzzzz's I've had the night before. A white is great if I've had a late evening (too many drinks) and not enough sleep. Applied to the waterline it makes my eyes look bigger and more awake. I also like to pack a dark brown for more drama and to make my hazel eyes pop.  

Some additional items include a hair elastic just in case my mane is unruly, greasy, frizzy, matted...or all of the above (one thing I tend to forget to pack is a hairbrush, so a ponytail is normally the solution for my crazy morning hair), deodorant, a rollerball perfume and a moisturizer - one with SPF to protect my skin - especially if we are going to be hanging out in the sun all morning. 

Another staple I MUST pack is micellar water for quick makeup removal before hitting the pillow at night. If I don't wash my face before going to sleep I pretty much guarantee a pimple making camp on my forehead or chin for the next week. I've been really loving the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water lately, which can be applied using a cotton round and doesn't require any rinsing. 

That's it, that's all. I hope you enjoyed this little snoop into my typical overnight makeup bag. I'm slightly ashamed to say that for special occasions and trips the collection of products is much larger. I'm a little extra and pack nearly three times the amount of makeup...

Let's save that for another post, though!   



#HealthyBirdy Food "Pinspiration"

Is Pinterest sinking amongst the sea of social media platforms these days? I hope not, but it doesn't quite have the same hype as it did several years ago. Which is a shame, because I personally think it's an amazing research tool! I'm still a big fan and often find myself scrolling through DIY ideas, home decor examples, eyeshadow techniques and most importantly...RECIPES!

There are so many talented food bloggers and photographers in the world that have made cooking fun again, simply by sharing #FoodPorn images. I love trying new ingredients and experimenting with flavours, but I'm definitely not creative in the kitchen to brainstorm recipes myself. Which is why Pinterest is my go-to 'cookbook' for when I need a little food inspiration.

Today I'm showing the social media platform some love and sharing five pins I have saved, of drool-worthy healthy recipe ideas that I hope to try, someday very soon. Warning...this post may make you hungry. Grab a snack!

Carrot Cake Raw Bars via Beard and Bonnet
Carrot cake is one of my favourite kind of cakes. Especially when it has cream cheese frosting! Which these do not...

But these gluten free and vegan carrot cake bars are a little more tummy friendly and contain good, wholesome ingredients that won't cause unwanted belly bloating. The post for this recipe actually breaks down each ingredient and talks about their benefits for our bodies. The bars seem pretty easy to make and could be a great snack for when sweet tooth cravings attack.

Pasta...my guilty pleasure! It's not so bad if it's vegan though, right? 

These ravioli look and sound delicious, but seem tricky to make. I'm thinking it would be a great mission to attempt during date night when my beau is there to lend a hand!

Is your mouth watering yet? 

I can imagine cooking this for a small group of guests at Christmas instead of one giant bird (not that I've ever cooked a bird before...but when I do). I'm normally a fan of side dishes rather than a slab of turkey meat anyways, and this could be a unique spin on a traditional dinner. 

Ahhhhhh, a recipe for my favourite meal of the day...BREAKFAST! Healthy pancakes seem to be all the rage right now! I've tried a variety of flourless versions myself, but never have I thought to add chickpeas. I'm intrigued!

Spaghetti Squash with Thai Peanut Sauce via LeelaLicious
I LOVE thai food...pad thai, pad see eiu, stir fried glass noodles, green curry with coconut rice...give it all to me! I have made thai peanut dishes at home several times, but they generally involve rice or soba noodles. Using spaghetti squash instead seems like a smart way to sneak even more veggies.   

Have you tried any of these? Let me know what you thought!

Ps. Come find me on Pinterest if you want to see plenty of other healthy dishes I have saved.



Natural Falsies With The Covergirl Super Sizer Fibers Mascara

Some of you may remember how I raved about the original Super Sizer Mascara last year. I didn't think Covergirl could do any better! And then they did...

As soon as I saw marketing for the Super Sizer Fibers Mascara - a sister version with built-in fibres - I knew I had to give it a try. When I spotted them in store for the first time I hesitated for a total of 0.1 seconds before adding it to my basket. OK, I did take a moment to think "do I really NEED mascara right now", but sometimes our wants overpower our needs, and in this case I was (dramatically) dying to test the new version of my favourite mascara.

I've tried a couple different brands of fibre mascaras in the past, but until now they've mostly been a two-step process. One tube with mascara and the other with fibres. Does anyone remember when they were white? I still don't understand that concept. It was a nightmare trying to cover up the look of dandruff on my eyelashes. Maybe that was a mascara primer...I'm not totally sure. Regardless, I like that the Super Sizer Fibers Mascara is an easy to use, one-step product...that's dark - I got mine in Very Black. It's never cumbersome and fits into my regular beauty routine.

The wand is exactly the same as the original version with short, plastic bristles perfect for gripping at the root and combing through lashes. The new formula apparently has 29,000 fibres in every tube to achieve 400% more volume. That's a lot of volume! The great thing is I never notice the fibres falling out of place onto my face or in my eyes. I'm a contact wearer so this is a pretty big deal for me!

Fun fact: When the lady at the cash register told me she was wearing this mascara, I actually didn't believe her because they looked like fake lashes or extensions.

It doesn't thicken my lashes quite as much as I would expect, but I am more interested in length than volume, and this mascara does not disappoint in that department. The fibres grab on to the tips of my lashes to add even more extension and I'm left with the look of long, natural falsies. It's perfect for every day wear but can be built up for a more glam look if desired.

It's official! After almost a year of pure devotion to the original Super Sizer Mascara, I have a new favourite.



Mani Spotlight - L'Oreal Mint Glacée

I just looked up this nail polish online to make sure it was still available before I talked about it. Turns out...it's been discontinued (sad face). However, I picked mine up just a couple of weeks ago during a local cosmetics warehouse sale - proving that it's not completely unavailable, but more like a hidden gem in a treasure hunt. Start scouting people!

Mint Glacée by L'Oreal is such a pretty colour and I couldn't resist sharing it with you. It's the most perfect, pistachio green that can lean white in certain lighting. It applies a little sheer at first (expected for such a pale shade) and requires three coats to achieve full opacity. But it dries to an absolutely beautiful creamy finish with nice shine. It also lasted three days without chipping and survived a long weekend cottage trip full of hands-on activities. 

Pastels and summer go together like bubbles in a bath. Add sun kissed skin and it's magic! I suggest if you are lucky enough to spot this polish yourself, snatch it as quickly as possible!