What’s In My Overnight Makeup Bag

June 14, 2016

Pretty much every weekend I sleep over at Dev’s house, so I’m constantly packing an overnight bag. While clothing changes pretty frequently thanks to Sunday laundry cycles, my makeup bag is almost always the same. To be honest, many of these items barely ever get put away in their designated storage place. Instead they hangout in this gorgeous vegan leather makeup bag (on sale now at Sephora)!

Today I’m sharing a peek inside my overnight makeup bag, which contains products that are perfect for an effortless night time regime and lazy morning routine.

Unless we have some exciting plans, weekends tend to be pretty chill. We generally wake up and make a trip to Starbucks for some much needed caffeine, followed by a hike or some outdoor activity (weather permitting). I don’t like to throw on a full face of makeup, because why bother? Instead I keep things super simple and fresh with some concealer, blush and mascara. You guys have already heard me talk about the Covergirl Super Sizer Fibres Mascara, which creates the look of natural falsies. The concealer I’m using at the moment is Covergirl’s Ready Set Gorgeous. And my all-time favourite blush is the cult classic NARS Orgasm, which has a subtle golden shimmer throughout and gives a beautiful glow to my cheeks. I typically have a variety of lipsticks and lip glosses hanging out in my purse, so if I feel like adding some colour I’ll go there.

Aside from a blush brush, the only other tool I bring is the e.l.f. Flawless Concealer Brush. It is perfectly dense and great for buffing product under the eye. But it’s also fluffy enough to apply the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder to set my concealer. It’s nice and small so it doesn’t take up too much room in my bag.

I also like to have a couple of eyeliners on hand and choose a colour depending on the number of zzzzzzz’s I’ve had the night before. A white is great if I’ve had a late evening (too many drinks) and not enough sleep. Applied to the waterline it makes my eyes look bigger and more awake. I also like to pack a dark brown for more drama and to make my hazel eyes pop.

Some additional items include a hair elastic – just in case my mane is unruly, greasy, frizzy, matted…or all of the above. One thing I tend to forget to pack is a hairbrush, so a ponytail is normally the solution for my crazy morning hair. Deodorant, a rollerball perfume and a moisturizer – one with SPF to protect my skin – especially if we are going to be hanging out in the sun all morning.

Another staple I MUST pack is micellar water for quick makeup removal before hitting the pillow at night. If I don’t wash my face before going to sleep I pretty much guarantee a pimple making camp on my forehead or chin for the next week. I’ve been really loving the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water lately, which can be applied using a cotton round and doesn’t require any rinsing.

That’s it, that’s all. I hope you enjoyed this little snoop into my typical overnight makeup bag. I’m slightly ashamed to say that for special occasions and trips the collection of products is much larger. I’m a little extra and pack nearly three times the amount of makeup…

Let’s save that for another post, though!


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