My All-Time Favourite Lipstick

July 29, 2016

It’s #NationalLipstickDay!! To celebrate, I thought I would show some love for my all-time favourite lipstick. You’ve seen me talk about this beauty before. It was used to create a purple ombre lip seen in my Subtle Two-Toned Lips (Times Two) post and featured as one of Five Favourite Lip Colours For Fall. But I adore the Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Fig so much that I felt it deserved to be recognized with it’s own blog post.

For the longest time I always had the mindset that if I wore lipstick, I wanted it to be noticeable. I gravitated towards bold, vibrant colours that would accentuate my lips and add a pop to any outfit. I never really understood the point of nudes (lipstick, that is). To be honest, while I now appreciate the potential of a pale pink or brown lip, I still don’t wear them very often. I’m much more intrigued by electric oranges, deep burgundies, hot fire reds, neon pinks and crazy purples. But we all need a good balance between neutral and over-the-top sometimes, and this is it for me!

The Sephora website describes it as a rosy orchid, but it’s a hue that will look different on everyone. On me it’s a warm-toned purple…yes purple! But it has a slight berry tinge that prevents it from being too bold. It’s such an interesting colour that it doesn’t bore me, yet it’s very wearable at the same time.

I’m obsessed with the creamy, long-lasting formula as well! It’s highly pigmented and a small amount goes a long way. I never thought I would finish it, but already I have used up more than half of the product inside its adorable squeezey-tube packaging – a dead giveaway that this product had to be featured today. It’s my most used and most-loved lipstick…of the moment…until the next magnificent lipstick discovery enters my life and sweeps me off my feet.

I will say, however, I’m not the biggest fan of the sponge applicator (I feel that it has potential to attract more bacteria) but it’s a hurdle I’m willing to get over in order to wear this beautiful lipstick.

What’s your all-time favourite lipstick? Leave a comment below!


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