Brightening My Day AND Skin With The New L’Oreal Pure-Clay Face Mask

September 9, 2016

A couple of nights ago I was feeling a little down and not quite like myself. Lucky for me, I have a superhero boyfriend who suggested we go buy a face mask, some snacks and chill out while watching a movie. Not many guys would be willing to participate in a pamper session, let alone put forth the recommendation. He’s just the best and I am very thankful!

Timing also seemed pretty perfect, as L’Oreal recently released a line of affordable masks that I’ve wanted to try but had yet to find in stores. Finally spotting the trio on shelves seemed to lift my spirits ever so slightly. Is that sad? I think not. I suppose I am a girl with simple needs and discovering new beauty products makes me happy.

The L’Oreal Pure-Clay Masks come in three colours, each containing different ingredients and serving different purposes. The green helps eliminate oils and the orange is a mask-scrub hybrid to exfoliate. Dev and I opted for the black energizing and brightening mask, which contains charcoal to draw out impurities.

I’ve only used the mask once, but so far I’m impressed! It’s very similar in texture, performance and even scent as the original GlamGlow treatment, which I reviewed and fell in love with way back when I first started Beauty by Birdy. At just $12.99, it’s a total drugstore dupe!

It’s a little thicker in texture, but spread easily and evenly to cover my face. We waited about 15 minutes and gawked at the oil spots that began to surface, before using a damp cloth to wash the dried mask away. Blemishes that were beginning to poke through seemed to be reduced. My skin felt super soft, tighter and more luminous. But most importantly, my mood was brightened! It’s crazy what a good face mask and some relaxation can do for one’s sanity.

So fellas, next time you’re gal is in a funk, I highly recommend taking a cue from Dev. It absolutely cheered me up! And if you’re not sure which brand to reach for while browsing the drugstore for a mask, definitely check out the new L’Oreal range.


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