Two Year Blogiversary | 15 More Random Facts About Me

It's been two years since I launched Beauty by Birdy!!! It was on the first day of Fall in 2014 that I made the decision to try my hand at this whole blogging thing. Somehow it seems so long ago, yet I feel as though no time has passed. Initially I had no idea how dedicated I would become to my recreational project, but I love it even more than I did way back when.

To celebrate my little blog's birthday, I thought I would share 15 more random facts about myself:

1. I love hikes! Especially in the fall when leaves are changing colour.
2. I brush my teeth with warm hot water. I'm not really sure why and it's been a habit of mine for years...
3. While we're on the topic of teeth...I once had six (baby) teeth pulled at the same time.

4. My favourite animal is a tiger. Rawwwwwr.
5. I have a bath at least once a week and sometimes more in the winter.
6. My ears are the only piercings on my body. I'm too chicken to get any more.
7. Volleyball is my favourite sport.

8. I have an awful memory!
9. I rarely drink pop, but when/if I do it's probably going to be Root Beer.
10. My alcoholic beverage of choice (at least for the moment) is a smooth red wine or vodka soda.
11. I've been using an iPhone with a shattered screen for the past eight months. It still works...
12. I have an ├╝ber girl crush on Margot Robbie at the moment!
13. I like surprises, but I LOVE trying to spoil surprises. It's like a mystery and I'm Nancy Drew!
14. I have a scar on my chin - the result of a basement rollerblading incident on my 10th birthday.
15. I shamelessly enjoy watching Jeopardy.

Now, I can't end a 'blogiversary' post without saying a huge thank you! Thank you for visiting Beauty by Birdy and reading my content. Thank you for double tapping my Instagram photos. Thank you for connecting with me on Twitter. Thank you for sending me feedback on Facebook. And finally, thank you to my friends and family who have been constant supporters since the beginning. Sending you all lots of love and cyber hugs!

Ps. If you missed the first 'random facts' post I did earlier in the year and are curious to learn more about me, click here.


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