The Blogiversary Photos You Didn’t Get To See

October 4, 2016

I don’t often arrange big photo shoots for Beauty by Birdy…normally it’s just me behind the camera lens taking images of products. But a blog anniversary is a big deal in my eyes, and I’ve made it a tradition to celebrate with some fancy photos. This year I came up with the idea to pose with balloons (two to be exact, since I was celebrating my second year of blogging) on a nearby cliff while the sun set in the distance. I recruited help from my very patient boyfriend, who did a wonderful job capturing the photos I included in this post last month.

Unfortunately, I only shared a small fraction of those great shots with you. So today I’m posting even more. Here are the blogiversary photos you didn’t get to see, including a peek behind the scenes.

What you don’t know is we actually used four balloons for these shots. I could not trust my dear friend Mother Nature with her prickly bushes and tree branches. It was also a pretty hot day. Sun and heat + helium balloons = POP! I was not willing to take the risk and figured backups were necessary!

Ps. If you have a great attention to detail and notice my snazzy purple sneakers in the photo above, I have to let you know that these were only for safety during our hike. They came off and I switched to more outfit flattering shoes once we reached the cliff for our photo-op.

Check out my handsome photographer for the day!!

Dev also surprised me with an extra prop…champagne! Which happened to pop itself sitting on the ground while we fiddled with the camera…

After the bubbly erupted like a volcano, there was not much time (or liquid) left to capture celebratory shots, so we had to act quick!

Despite some unpredictable moments and elements, which (aside from the eager champagne bottle) included extreme winds and a couple failed attempts to let the balloons go, I was quite happy with how the photos turned out.

Special Acknowledgements

I wish to convey special thanks to the weather man for predicting clear skies that week.

I would like to thank the cute, but hesitant dog we encountered on the trail for choosing not to destroy my precious balloons.

But most of all, I extend sincere gratitude to Dev for putting up with my crazy ideas and frequent requests.


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