Nail-O-Ween #1 – BOOlicious Ombré Candy Corn

October 10, 2016

My nails are the longest they’ve ever been!! So before they break (which is bound to happen very soon) I thought I would take advantage of their length and create this Nail-O-Ween series, featuring easy Halloween themed nail art anyone can do. This week I’ll be coming at you with not one…not two…but three different ideas. Starting with this ombré candy corn and ghost combo.

The ombré technique is one of my favourites! I’ve used it a couple of times on my blog before (here and here), so if you’re interested in learning how to do it yourself, go check those out! It’s soooo super easy and I’m always pleased with the way it turns out.

The ghost was actually even more simple to create! Starting with a white base, I used a dotting tool with some black polish to create two medium sized circles for the eyes and a large spot for the mouth. Then, using a nail striper with the same black polish, I painted triangle shapes, creating a jagged french tip.

I used a matte top coat….a) because I’m obsessed, but b) because it helped mimic the rough texture of candy corn. I do suggest waiting for your nails to dry a fair bit before applying any sort of top coat, however, or you’ll end up with some imperfections and smudging like I did.

Stay tuned for my next Nail-O-Ween post, which will be up on Wednesday!


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