Testing Homemade Vicks Shower Tabs

October 18, 2016

Sniffly nose, sore throat, headache and a chest cough got you down? I’m not surprised…

Fall my be beautiful, but it’s also the ugly time of year when EVERYONE seems to get sick.

Last week I came down with a rotten cold – something that rarely happens, but when it does, it slaps me in the face! After a few sleepless nights and a raw nose from using an entire box of Kleenex, I was desperate for relief. It seemed like the perfect time to test these homemade Vicks shower disks I spotted on Pinterest.

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of the decongestant ointment. The thick, greasy texture always seems to make me break out when applied directly to my skin. Therefore, these dissolving tablets are the perfect alternative to clear my sinuses. Steam releases the iconic eucalyptus and menthol fragrances, filling the shower with vapours that help loosen unwanted boogies and create a clean nasal passage.

They’re pretty easy to make too! Just combine baking soda, corn starch, VapoRub and a little bit of water. I added a couple drops of blue food colouring to make mine look a little more interesting. Stir the mixture and then press into an ice cube tray, or candy/chocolate mold for fun shapes. Stick in the freezer for a few hours before popping them out and storing in an airtight container. When ready to use, place one near your shower drain and let the hot water go to work.

I was actually pretty impressed at how slowly they disappeared. Mine lasted until I was finished washing up! They weren’t overly strong smelling, though. I believe this is either due to their petite shape and size, or perhaps because I used lemon scented VapoRub, which is a little more mild. Either way, I did find it easier to breathe. And the best part! No breakouts!!!

These would also be super cute to give a sick friend or family member as a ‘Get Well Soon’ gift! Something to keep in mind…because once you’ve caught it, there’s a very good chance you’ll pass it along to someone else…


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