Nail-O-Ween #2 - Easy Skull And Crossbones

Well, my attempt at creating simple skull nails, ended up looking less like the spooky faces seen on a pirate ship and more like aliens...

Regardless, they're still Halloween appropriate and easy to achieve in just a few steps.

I started by painting a base coat on each nail, choosing to alternate between white and blue. I used a fairly large dotting tool to create each head, and decided to drag some of the polish down into a point,  to create a longer looking face. Using the same colour as my nail polish base, I then placed two tiny spots for the eyes. To create the crossbones I used a thin brush to paint diagonal lines overlapping each other and applied two dots on each end. 

I hope you the second post in my three-part Nail-O-Ween series. I can't wait to share the final manicure with you on Friday! 


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