One Makeup Product, Three Uses

Today's post is to prove that you don't need to own a ton of products to create a full face of makeup. The fact is, many products on the market can be used in a variety of different ways. Try using a darker shade of foundation or concealer to contour. A gel eyeliner can make a great eyeshadow base. Or use a lipstick as a cream blush, a blush for eyeshadow, or get creative and use a lip liner as eyeliner.

For this look I used the NARS Blush in Sin on my eyes, cheeks AND lips. The mauve shade works well with my skin tone and is a perfect hue for fall! I used a fluffy blending brush to concentrate it in my crease and blend it ever so slightly over the lid, creating a nice transition and gradient effect.

It's probably one of my favourite blushes to use during this time of year and packs some powerful pigment! I swept a small amount on my cheeks for a flush of colour.

Finally, I created my own custom lip shade by combining small flakes from the blush with some of my Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. A clear gloss would work well for this as well. 

I have to admit, it hurt me a little to scrape away at such a beautiful, high-end product, but I really love how the colour translated on my lips. It's a trick I just may have to continue using in the future... 

Other Products Used:


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