It’s Never Too Early For Lush Christmas Goodies

November 4, 2016

Halloween may have just ended, but the truth is I’ve been slightly giddy about Christmas approaching for a while now! It was pretty much inevitable the minute cosmetic companies began releasing their Holiday gift sets and advent calendars…

I couldn’t resist picking up a few new festive products from LUSH when I popped in there last week. They come out with some of the best items around this time of year, which also happens to be around the time when my bath count turns from one a week to three, or four…or five.

I selected three Reusable Bubble Bars, which are like soap lollipops that create mounds of the fluffiest bubbles you’ll ever see. Instead of crumbling each shape under the water like LUSH’s original Bubble Bars, these are harder in texture and can resist falling apart from the impact of running water. They can be set aside to dry and used multiple times over, until the product completely disintegrates from the wand. I typically get 10-12 baths out of one.

Along with Christmas classic movies (which are already airing on TV), and Caramel Brûlée Lattes in a Starbucks red (or green) cup, these jolly products are sure to get me in the holiday spirit…despite many arguing that it’s maybe too early.


Come on!!!! How cute is this guy?! I’m obsessed!

I think this is going to be a great hit among young kiddos! It is a T. Rex wearing Santa’s hat after all…

But it has the same toffee scent as their Honey I Washed The Kids Soap (which I’m obsessed with) making it right up my alley as well! I have a feeling this one will also turn the bath water a beautiful shade of green!

The Magic of Christmas

Isn’t this sweet little star just so pleasing to look at?

I almost don’t want to use it and hang it as an ornament on my tree instead! I can’t wait to escape to spicy holiday fragrance heaven! Packed with cinnamon and clove, it’s sure to be super warming on a cold winter’s night. Or shall I say a ‘starry evening’…


Another cutie pie! I feel as though the Christmas theme has been stretched a little this year, but I’m in love with this zesty joker regardless. Just looking at him puts a smile on my face and I know the uplifting mandarin oils are going to be the perfect cheerful ingredient on a dull winter’s day (assuming he lasts until the seasons change).


Leave a comment below if you’re excited for Christmas like me. Are there any festive activities or traditions you do to gear up for the holidays (even if it is only the first week of November)?


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