Love Confession For Revlon Balms

November 25, 2016

I wrote a post similar to this last year when I confessed my love and addiction for the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters. To this day, they are still some of my favourite lipsticks! But while staring into the mess of my makeup drawer (prior to spring cleaning) I noticed a fairly large collection of Revlon Balms, which are also really awesome!! Clearly I’m a fan of Revlon lip products…

Now this line is a little different, because they come in Matte, Lacquer and Stain formulas.

(From Left to Right: Mischievous (Matte) Audacious (Matte), Sultry (Matte)
Striking (Matte), Standout (Matte), 
Showy (Matte), Sweetheart (Stain),
Coquette (Lacquer) Honey (Stain)
, Demure (Lacquer)

I own 11 different shades. Unfortunately one missed picture day, as it was hiding out in one of my coat pockets. Not pictured above is Enticing, a beautiful dark, glossy red shade.

I have a few favourites including Showy, a vibrant blue-toned, matte pink that I wear constantly in the summer; and the iconic Honey, a perfect MLBB (My Lips But Better) soft pink-y brown stain. Sweetheart is also one of the first Revlon products I purchased and has a special place in my heart. It is the most beautiful pink with a bit of a berry undertone and lingers on the lips for what seems like an entire day!

Striking and Standout are newer to my collection, but I have a feeling these deeper matte shades are going to become staples in my fall morning makeup routine.

Unfortunately I’ve only worn Mischievous a handful of times. It’s a little difficult to pull off simply because it applies patchy and is quite pale for my complexion. But all of the other colours I own are totally wearable and apply like a dream.

(Revlon Balm Stains Swatched in Sweetheart and Honey)

If I had to rank each range in order I would say the Stains get the golden ribbon. The Mattes come in as runner up because they’re super pigmented and comfortable – they don’t suck any moisture from my lips, like many other matte lip products do. And finally the Lacquers are good but not my immediate choice when selecting a colour to wear each day. I sometimes find them to be a little too sparkly for my liking and they apply a little more on the sheer side.

(Revlon Matte Balms Swatched From Left to Right: Showy,
Striking, Standout, Sultry, Audacious, Mischievous)

I also can’t end this post without mentioning the sleek, crayon-like packaging. I’m all for changing up the look of lipsticks and I not only love the shape of these Revlon products, but I also really love how they’ve matched the outside packaging to the bullet inside, making it easy to pick and choose a colour (even when my makeup drawer is a disaster).

(Revlon Lacquer Balms Swatched Coquette and Demure)

Have you tried any of the Revlon Balms? Which one is your favourite?


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