Tropical Print Nails Inspired By H&M Romper

December 16, 2016

While shopping with my girlfriends at the Eaton Centre in Toronto a couple of weekends ago, I spotted someone in the change room wearing this romper from H&M. It was love at first sight, and the hunt was on. I knew I needed this piece in my life. We searched the massive, three-story department store high and low, before I finally found one and it happened to be my size.

I’m completely obsessed with the deep green colour and tropical print pattern. Unfortunately, the weather isn’t quite warm enough to bear this much skin, so my new romper will have to hang out in my closet for a few more weeks. Deciding I couldn’t wait this long to wear the interesting print, I was inspired to re-create it as a nail design.

I didn’t have a colour in my collection to match, so I mixed a dark teal and bright green polish to create a colour somewhere in between. Believe it or not, I also used white to paint the pattern. But once applied over the green base it naturally transformed into a vibrant yellow. It was not planned for the final look to be quite as neon, but I’ll admit…I don’t hate it.

I used a nail striper to copy shapes from the jumpsuit, and decided to make each nail slightly different. It took a steady hand, but in the end it was actually pretty easy. I sealed the deal with a matte top coat.

One outfit resulted in a pretty bomb manicure – if I do say so myself. I think it’s pretty awesome that inspiration can be drawn from the simplest of things in our everyday lives. I’m already curious to see where my imagination will take me next.


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