February 2017 Beauty & Lifestyle Favourites

Am I really talking about February favourites? It's so hard to believe after the weather we had last week! Spring is in the air, that's for sure! I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and warmth as much as I am. Today I'm sharing everything I loved for the past month.

Lancome Juice Shaker in Piece Of Cake
One of the most innovative (and freaking adorable) lip products I've ever seen, the Lancome Juicy Shaker in Piece of Cake is my latest and greatest obsession! I've got a whole post dedicated to this cutie coming up on Friday, so I won't spend too much time talking about it, but basically it is a beautiful everyday colour that smells like birthday cake!! Who wouldn't fall in love?!

I really love the essence gel eyeliners because a) they're only $3.50 here in Canada and b) they apply really nicely and wear for a decent amount of time. I'm having a bit of fall withdrawal recently for some reason, and I'm totally digging this deep (more fall appropriate) shade. It is in between hunter green and dark teal, with a hint of shimmer and I've been wearing it a lot along my waterline for a pop of something different.

Maybelline The Big Shot Colossal Mascara
I love how this mascara wand clings to my lashes! Like a comb, the wavy bristles seem to latch on tight to separate and evenly distribute product. It adds a great amount of length and after a couple of coats, a decent amount of volume as well. It even works nicely on bottom lashes and doesn't clump or flake during the day. I'm serious...this could be me new holy grail!!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation
In an attempt to work with my unusually dry skin, I've upgraded to a more radiant foundation, and boy am I glad I did!! This gel textured foundation is beautiful. I would say it is light-medium coverage, as it still lets some of my freckles and hyper pigmentation peek through, but I quite enjoy this! I'm really into skin that still looks like skin, just a little more even. It's super lightweight and comfortable to wear. Plus it smells ever-so-slightly like pomegranates, making the application process a little more enjoyable.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
I really did not like this face wash at first! But after dealing with some problematic skin for the past couple of months, I've realized that I don't need anything fancy. Simple is better (at least for now) as I deal with bouts of dryness and pesky breakouts. Originally I was disappointed that this cleanser would not foam and therefore never gave me that squeaky clean feeling. You know what I'm talking about, right? That tight (stripped) feeling that begs for a handful of moisturizer after. It's the last thing my skin needs right now...

Cetaphil is mild, fragrance-free and non-irritating. It's suitable for all skin types and claims to to be gentle enough for babies. I find my breakouts have lessened after I began using this product consistently.

Bath and Body Works Peppermint Marshmallow Candle
Not only does this candle look really pretty (IT'S PINK!), it smells ridiculously good as well. I don't think it's available anymore and may have been a holiday exclusive (sadly) but hopefully Bath and Body Works will bring it back sometime soon. It is the perfect, frosted cupcake vanilla scent that I adore so much with a twist of fresh mint. I love how it adds warmth to a room but is uplifting and crisp at the same time.

Pasta w/ Cheese Wiz
This is one recipe you will never see featured as a #HealthyBirdy post because it exactly the opposite!! It's literally pasta (I tend to use leftovers if we have some) mixed with a large glob of Cheese Wiz, which melts down and creates the creamiest and easiest sauce. Think mac 'n' cheese on a whole new, heart attack causing level. But it's OHHHHH SOOOOO GOOD!

Dierks Gently's Holistic Detective Agency on Netflix
Now it wouldn't quite be a favourites post without a binge-worthy series on Netflix. This show was Dev's pick one night and my reaction after the first episode was "what the *bleep* is this?" Yet I couldn't help but be totally captivated and eager for more. It's a very strange and way out-there, supernatural mystery with a plot that seems to be all over the place. It's not overly predictable and I feel as though anything can happen, at any moment. It's also quite comical! The main character is played by Elijah Wood, and although it took me a while to watch him play someone other than Frodo, he's actually pretty terrific! I can't wait for season 2. 

What were some of your favourite beauty products or TV shows during the month of February? Leave a comment below!



New CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Soft Touch Concealer Product Review

Squeeze away those dark circles!! No, not with your fingers - with CoverGirl's new Outlast All-Day Soft Touch Concealer! Their latest creamy concealer comes in a squeeze tube and has a fuzzy, sponge tip applicator. 

It's designed to be applied straight from the tube, although I would suggest using a finger, brush or beauty sponge to blend it out, rather than relying solely on the (hard) sponge tip to do the job. The tube is easy to squeeze, which can often be a drawback of similar beauty items that require too much muscle to push out any product. 

I picked up the shade Fair 810, which is an OK match for my pale skin tone. It looks a little orange-y at first, but seems to blend out quite nicely. Unfortunately it's a little too dark (ironic considering it's a 'light' shade) for highlighting or brightening the under eye area. There is a total of six shades in the range, including Light 820, which looks to be a little more pink-toned and may work a bit better for me. I'll have to give it a shot.    

The product itself is lightweight (not too thick and not too liquid-y) with medium coverage. It blends out super easily, dries matte, doesn't crease and has great staying power (although I still like to set mine with some translucent powder for good measure). Overall, it's really nice!! I am enjoying my experience with this concealer so far! Although I do wish they would expand the colour range to suit more skin tones. 

Have you tried it? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think. 



Pinned And Tried: Oatmeal Milk Bath

It's been a really long time since I've done a post like this, but the other day I mentioned to Dev how dry and itchy my skin felt, to which he responded "you need a milk bath". He was absolutely right, and so I turned to one of my favourite social media platforms, Pinterest, for some recipe inspiration.

I decided to go ahead with this pin because it has pretty photos (key), minimal ingredients and simple instructions. I blitzed 1/2 cup of oats in my Magic Bullet, creating a fine powder, and combined it with 1 cup of powdered skim milk and 1/4 cup of baking soda. I opted to sprinkle some lavender on top, although I would not recommend this step. It sure does look pretty, but the tiny buds stick to the sides of my tub and I have to spray them down the drain with my shower head after each use. They also don't really add much benefit...a few drops of a lavender essential oil would smell much nicer and be less messy.    

Oatmeal is known for its moisturizing benefits, while milk acts as a gentle exfoliator. Both are known to be soothing and can reduce redness or irritation frequently caused by dry skin. But to be honest, I don't find this very moisturizing, and although an inexpensive DIY product, it's nowhere near as luxurious as the LUSH Bath Oils or Bubble Bars. The recipe from the pin I found calls for whole fat dried milk, but unfortunately my local Bulk Barn only had vegan options. This is probably why I didn't find it very nourishing...

If I were to try an oatmeal milk bath again, I would definitely use a 'thicker' milk rather than soy. 

The powder also doesn't dissolve completely when it hits the water. Instead it clumps and ends up looking like baby puke after too many arrowroot cookies. It's not the most pleasant thing to sink into...

The jar does look really pretty sitting in my bathroom cabinet though! 



SDM "Spend Your Points" Event Haul

Planning a shopping trip and making a big list of beauty items to buy makes me one giddy Birdy! Going shopping for those items makes me happy, and playing with each new product when I get home is super fun! But knowing that I got everything for only $25 is the sweetest icing on the cake!

Last weekend Shoppers Drug Mart hosted a "Spend Your Points" event - something that happens maybe twice a year - and something that I have been waiting very patiently for! When I received the e-mail notifying me of this promotion, I quickly began jotting down a list of high-end and drugstore products I wanted to try. I even scheduled the shopping trip into my Saturday, and if I'm honest, it was probably the highlight of my weekend...

There were two options:
  1. Redeem 50,000 worth of points, get $85 off a purchase and $15 worth of bonus Optimum points 
  2. Redeem 95,000 worth of points, get $170 off a purchase and $30 worth of bonus Optimum points
I chose the latter.

Now before you go ahead and make too many presumptions - yes, I probably spend more than the average person would at a drugstore, but I have been saving up these points for a very, very long time.  I also like to think of myself as a "smart" Shoppers Drug Mart shopper. Let me explain...

Exhibit A: I use my Optimum card for EVERY. SINGLE. PURCHASE (no matter how small the cost). You know the ol' saying "every penny counts"? Well I live by this same saying when it comes to Shoppers Optimum Points.

Exhibit B: I load my personalized offers obsessively each week and I'll often be persuaded to try one brand over another if it comes with bonus points.

Exhibit C: I'll try to make "bulk" trips and buy all of my toiletries or other necessities at once, on a day that allows me to qualify for five, 10 or 20 times the points if I spend a certain amount. I am mortified to admit, but I once went a couple of days without deodorant while waiting for a bonus day to arrive...

I managed to snag $230 worth of beauty items and the satisfaction/massive smile on my face when I got home was 100% worth every bonus point! Check out all of the goodies I picked up: 

There's a good chance you'll see reviews in the near future on some of the products listed above, so stay tuned!! I'll be sure to share my thoughts.



Purple Liner, Purple Lips Valentine's Day Makeup

Every once and a while I get bored (who doesn't), so naturally I play with makeup. I created this look a couple of weeks ago and despite feeling slightly like a Monster High Doll, I actually really liked it!! Lavender is more of a spring colour (maybe I'm jumping the gun wishing for warmer weather) but paired with dark grey on the lid makes it seem more winter appropriate. Something about this entire look felt vibrant, yet gothic at the same time. I thought it would be a great look to share for some daring Valentine's Day inspiration.

Typically pinks and reds are associated with Valentine's Day, but purple is totally an iconic colour as well (at least it's the third colour I imagine when thinking about our national lovers holiday).

The star of this show is the NYX Macaron Lippie in Violet, which is...NEON! The formula is extremely creamy, packed with pigment and has a slight glossiness, but I did find it a little patchy to apply. It's not very long-wearing either, but leaves behind a pretty, intense raspberry toned stain. Stepping out of my comfort zone, I felt very brave wearing the true purple lip colour. Yes - I wore it out of the house - albeit only to do groceries.

All Products Used:


Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Eyeshadow Primer
LORAC PRO Palette 2

  • Buff (browbone)
  • Cool Gray (crease)
  • Charcoal (all over lid)
ColourPop Creme Gel Pot in Cry Baby (discontinued)
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
L'Oreal Brow Stylist Definer in Brunette
Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel

NYX Macaron Lippie in Violet

Happy Valentine's Day beauty birds! I'm sending much love your way!



Sephora Collection Brush Cleaner Review + Comparison

I ran out of the Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner a couple of weeks ago, and after panicking for a few short moments about how to spot-disinfect my makeup brushes, I realized I needed something new. The higher-end brand is only sold online at Sephora (although almost always sold out), and I didn't want to spend the hefty price tag, nor did I want to pay for shipping, or wait 5-7 business days for my order to arrive. So instead, I popped into my local Sephora store and decided to test out their very own Citrus Brush Cleaner

Price Comparisons:

Sephora Mini Citrus Brush Cleaner
Travel size (2oz) bottle 


Cinema Secrets 
Travel size (2oz) bottle

There's not a huge savings difference between the two, however it may be more ideal to compare standard sizes:

Sephora Citrus Brush Cleaner 
Full-size (4oz)


Cinema Secrets
Standard size (8oz)

Still, they're pretty even but the Sephora brand is definitely more accessible. 

Now onto the pros and cons...

I'm not a huge fan of the spray bottle, as I feel it can be quite wasteful. I prefer to spray the product directly onto a paper towel and swirl my brushes within the damp spot - just imagine how much mist would miss my brush if I didn't go at it this way. I also have to admit that it doesn't clean my brushes as quickly or efficiently as I would like, but I do enjoy the scent (it smells like Creamsicles!) much better than the Cinema Secrets very strong, chemically-vanilla fragrance. The citrus scent is really what gets me and is reason I would choose to purchase this again.



January 2017 Beauty & Lifestyle Favourites

Don't be fooled by the pink, colour coordinated products shown below - I promise, this is not a Valentine's Day themed post - it is indeed everything I loved during the month of January.

EOS Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm
I've had a bunch of EOS lip balms in the past, but they've never really blown me away. For some reason, this baby pink one seems to have a different formula. It's much more slick and oily, and keeps my lips hydrated for a really long time. I keep it in my bedside table and apply a generous coat before bed, helping my lips to feel nice and smooth the next morning.

Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Repairing Mask
This actually isn't mine. It came in the Good Night Kit, which I bought for my mom's stocking at Christmas. Hello my name is Kelly and I'm addicted to everything beauty related...it's extremely hard for me not to try something I haven't before. I've only snuck a few globs and if she didn't realize before, she'll definitely know after reading this post, therefore I'm going to have to buy my own because I do really like it.

Mostly I like the smell! The Multiberry Complex consists of raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, strawberries and wolfberries (whatever that is...). It smells like Campinos! It soothes any dryness overnight so I wake up to refreshed and plump looking skin. Plus it's pink...I like pink!!!

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie
I'm really trying to use up some of my makeup lately, especially lipsticks that have been around for a while and are nearing their expiry date. It's a great way to save money, shopping my own collection, but it's also helped me rediscover some old favourites. Berry Smoothie is such an easy colour. It's not a whole lot different from my natural lip tone, and therefore can be applied on-the-go without a mirror, almost as if it's simply just a lip balm. It does add a slight rose-y hue and tons of shine - a result of the shea and coconut butter ingredients - which is major key during these cold winter months.

Pink Sugar Perfume
I sometimes wonder why I ever stop using this cotton candy/vanilla scented perfume, but I have so many other bottles and samples to try, that it sometimes gets pushed to the wayside. As you can see, there's not much left - maybe enough for a spritz or two - and maybe the fact that it is almost empty is reason why I hadn't used it in so long (I wanted to prolong its lifespan). I just love warm and cozy scent of Pink Sugar and until I find a new ride-or-die, this beauty is it for me!!!

St. Ives Soft & Silky Coconut & Orchid Body Lotion
There are two real reasons I like this body lotion (aside from the coconut-y, floral scent). It soaks into the skin really quick, and it has a pump! We all know I'm super lazy, so the fact that I don't even have to pick the bottle up to hydrate my entire body is a huge benefit. I leave this sitting on my bedside table and it has been a good reminder to lather up before bed.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events on Netflix
This show was my addiction during the month of January! It's nearly the exact same storyline as the 2004 movie featuring Jim Carrey, but the last few episodes seemed to delve much deeper and reveal even more secrets. I also love the cinematics. It's quirky!! Each scene and location is a bit dark and dreary, however the characters (especially the three Baudelaire children) are colourful and somewhat energetic. The dialogue seems a little more light-hearted, making it the perfect family-friendly show to watch. It will appeal to both kids and adults.

My only complaint is the season's cliffhanger ending. Just as truths seemed to have been revealed, a 'series of unfortunate' events occurred (go figure) and I found myself even more confused than in the beginning. I suppose this is what makes it a great show at the same time, however, because I have my fingers tightly crossed for a second season. I can't wait to see what happens next! 

OBVIOUSLY! I haven't been able to stop listening to both of these songs and I can't wait for the entire CD release.

What were some of your favourites for the first month of 2017? I hope the new year has treated you well thus far.