Sephora Collection Brush Cleaner Review + Comparison

February 10, 2017

I ran out of the Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner a couple of weeks ago, and after panicking for a few short moments about how to spot-disinfect my makeup brushes, I realized I needed something new. The higher-end brand is only sold online at Sephora (although almost always sold out), and I didn’t want to spend the hefty price tag, nor did I want to pay for shipping, or wait 5-7 business days for my order to arrive. So instead, I popped into my local Sephora store and decided to test out their very own Citrus Brush Cleaner.

Price Comparisons:

Sephora Mini Citrus Brush Cleaner
Travel size (2oz) bottle


Cinema Secrets
Travel size (2oz) bottle

There’s not a huge savings difference between the two, however it may be more ideal to compare standard sizes:

Sephora Citrus Brush Cleaner
Full-size (4oz)


Cinema Secrets
Standard size (8oz)

Still, they’re pretty even but the Sephora brand is definitely more accessible.

Now onto the pros and cons…

I’m not a huge fan of the spray bottle, as I feel it can be quite wasteful. I prefer to spray the product directly onto a paper towel and swirl my brushes within the damp spot – just imagine how much mist would miss my brush if I didn’t go at it this way. I also have to admit that it doesn’t clean my brushes as quickly or efficiently as I would like, but I do enjoy the scent (it smells like Creamsicles!) much better than the Cinema Secrets very strong, chemically-vanilla fragrance. The citrus scent is really what gets me and is reason I would choose to purchase this again.


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