SDM “Spend Your Points” Event Haul

February 17, 2017

Planning a shopping trip and making a big list of beauty items to buy makes me one giddy Birdy! Going shopping for those items makes me happy, and playing with each new product when I get home is super fun! But knowing that I got everything for only $25 is the sweetest icing on the cake!

Last weekend Shoppers Drug Mart hosted a “Spend Your Points” event – something that happens maybe twice a year – and something that I have been waiting very patiently for! When I received the e-mail notifying me of this promotion, I quickly began jotting down a list of high-end and drugstore products I wanted to try. I even scheduled the shopping trip into my Saturday, and if I’m honest, it was probably the highlight of my weekend…

There were two options:

  1. Redeem 50,000 worth of points, get $85 off a purchase and $15 worth of bonus Optimum points
  2. Redeem 95,000 worth of points, get $170 off a purchase and $30 worth of bonus Optimum points

I chose the latter.

Now before you go ahead and make too many presumptions – yes, I probably spend more than the average person would at a drugstore, but I have been saving up these points for a very, very long time.  I also like to think of myself as a “smart” Shoppers Drug Mart shopper. Let me explain…

Exhibit A:

I use my Optimum card for EVERY. SINGLE. PURCHASE (no matter how small the cost). You know the ol’ saying “every penny counts”? Well I live by this same saying when it comes to Shoppers Optimum Points.

Exhibit B:

I load my personalized offers obsessively each week and I’ll often be persuaded to try one brand over another if it comes with bonus points.

Exhibit C:

I’ll try to make “bulk” trips and buy all of my toiletries or other necessities at once, on a day that allows me to qualify for five, 10 or 20 times the points if I spend a certain amount. I am mortified to admit, but I once went a couple of days without deodorant while waiting for a bonus day to arrive…

I managed to snag $230 worth of beauty items and the satisfaction/massive smile on my face when I got home was 100% worth every bonus point! Check out all of the goodies I picked up:

There’s a good chance you’ll see reviews in the near future on some of the products listed above, so stay tuned!! I’ll be sure to share my thoughts.


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