Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Spot Solution

March 14, 2017

According to (basically) every beauty guru on the Internet, the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is like liquid gold for spot treating blemishes. It can be hard to find in Canada, besides making a purchase online, but the brand is also sold at Urban Outfitters.

I popped into the store on Yonge Street a little while ago, hoping to buy a case for my new iPhone 7. I had hiked 15 minutes (one way) from my office in freezing cold sleet, only to discover that they didn’t have the one I wanted. You better believe I wasn’t walking out of there empty-handed, and decided to give this pimple solution a try. I have heard so many positive reviews and it seems like such an interesting product. So I thought heck, why not! My skin has been acting up quite a bit lately, so it has been the perfect time to test it out.

The drying lotion is quite interesting to apply. There are two separate solutions – the pink goop hanging out at the bottom is actually calamine lotion and the watery liquid contains salicylic acid. They key is to keep them separate and resist any urges to shake the ingredients together. The product is applied by dipping a Q-Tip into the glass jar, until it reaches the pink layer, before being removed and dabbed over any blemishes. It is intended to work overnight and washed off in the morning.

It dries quickly. Although sometimes I think I am too quick to face plant into my pillows. And much like how you probably looked as a kid with the Chicken Pox, it leaves behind patches of pink.

Warning: it is strongly scented like alcohol and stings every now and then. The tingle is bearable, however, and in my opinion a sign that it’s working. DO NOT apply it over broken skin or blemishes that have been victim of your fingertips though – it will hurt!

I wouldn’t say it has wowed me like I hoped (I had high expectations). But it is good and effective! It seems to work much better on more mature pimples. Aka. ugly white heads. I would rather it miraculously zap away painful spots that appear under the skin and linger for way too long. Unfortunately it doesn’t make them disappear overnight, but it does seem to shrink them. I’ve also noticed less scarring and hyper pigmentation after I incorporated this treatment into my skincare routine.

It costs $20 CAD. Which is neither cheap nor overly expensive. But a little goes a long way and this bottle is going to last a while.

So, although it’s not exactly gold…I am a fan and I am happy I gave this product a chance.


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