Knotted Half Up-Do

I've always loved wearing my hair half-up and half-down, with a bit of volume at the crown. But lately I've been jazzing it up by adding a simple knot. 

This style works best on second-day hair, with a little grease to help hold it in place. When I took these photos, mine was freshly washed...hence the brutal frizz. I also really like how it looks with tousled curls, which are usually the nicest a day after they've been styled.  

I like to tease around the crown to create volume before taking a section of hair from both sides of my face and bringing them to meet at the back of my head, forming one single ponytail. I actually don't even secure it with an elastic, instead forming a loop and tying the whole section it into a knot. 

I like to leave the end sticking out (like a piggy's tail, as Dev calls it) to make the hairstyle look a little intricate but undone. I'll also pull at the knot from different angles to make it more voluminous and messy, and use a grand total of two bobby pins to hold everything in place.

It's such an easy style and takes minutes to create.


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