A Multipurpose Facial Spray From Mario Badescu

May 23, 2017

I raved about the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater in my April Favourites, but I didn’t really discuss all that this product has to offer. I felt it needed another moment in the spotlight, hence the reasoning behind today’s post.

At just $7 for 4 fluid oz, it’s one of the least expensive facial sprays I have encountered and it serves so many different purposes.

I use it after washing my face and before applying moisturizer as a “prep step” to help face creams absorb and penetrate the skin. Sometimes I’ll even use it instead of a moisturizer if I’m having a bit of a greasy (aka. oily) day. I also use it to set my makeup and help powders melt into the skin. It seems to add a nice radiance. I use it when I feel a little sweaty and in need of cooling down. I use it in the morning when I wake up, and in the evening before I go to bed because the scent is quite calming and seems to make me feel more relaxed. It smells very florally and fresh…like a spa. I have even used it on the ends of my hair, which are incredibly dry and in desperate need of a chop.

My point is…I basically use it all the time!

It is refreshing, hydrating, soothing…all the ings! It makes my skin feel better and look more glow-y and alive. It does feel slightly sticky at first, which makes it a great base or primer for makeup. But the tackiness disappears after it fully sinks into the skin.

The ingredients are quite natural, simple and minimal. Featuring water as the main component along with aloe leaf juice, thyme leaf extract and dog rose extract. It does contain added fragrance, which runs the risk of irritation but I have not experienced any bad reactions. And I’ve now used more than half the bottle. The addition of aloe and herbs in fact help to combat acne and redness.

Mario Badescu is also cruelty free!

The mist is quite fine and the pump is not difficult to press. I know firsthand how terrifying it can be when a mist is too hard to trigger and basically attacks the face without warning. A well-dispersed and even mist is key for any facial spray and can truly be a make or break a product.

The amount of liquid in my bottle seems to be disappearing quite quickly. And I can confirm that once it’s gone I will be running out to buy a new one! Maybe two…


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