Pack With Me – Toiletries + Skincare Edition

May 26, 2017

The big day is nearly here…Dev and I will be jetting off to Paris this Monday!!! It’s crazy how quick this trip is arriving, and I can’t wait to share our experiences and a ton of photos when we return. But until then, I thought I would continue my little packing series by showing you exactly what I am taking away in terms of toiletries and skincare.

Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint PocketBac Sanitizer
Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47
Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser
DECIEM The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA
eos Berry Blossom Hand Lotion
Clear Care Plus Contact Lens Solution
Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde Contact Lenses
Cettua Clean & Simple Spot Clear Patches
Pink Sugar Shower Gel
Tangle Teezer Compact Styler
Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black
Elizabeth and James Nirvana White
Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon
Colab RIO Tropical Dry Shampoo
LUSH Seanik Shampoo Bar
Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Towelettes
Dove Go Fresh Cool Essentials Deodorant
Garnier Moisture Bomb The Super Hydrating Sheet Mask (x2)
Sephora Collection Green Tea Eye Mask
Sephora Collection Lotus Eye Mask
Sephora Collection Shea Lip Mask

The first “Pack With Me” post featured a small amount of makeup (for a beauty junkie like myself). But I can’t deny being slightly extra when it comes to toiletries and skincare. *No shame*

The madness all starts with these face masks! No, they’re not necessary but they will be nice and there’s a reason why I’m taking so many…I have no doubts my lover boy will want to partake in a little rehydration session, which means I need doubles!! I don’t have the guts to wear one on the airplane but I expect my skin to be very dry and in desperate need of moisture after 7+ hours of flying. Plus, we’ll be jet lagged and the eye masks will not only feel super refreshing – they’ll help us feel more awake too.

Keeping with the theme of skincare, there’s no better feeling than taking off makeup at the end of a long and busy day. I expect to wake up early and go to bed late, clocking as many steps as possible to see as many sights possible. There’s no doubt we’ll be exhausted and the Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Towelettes will come in handy when all I want to do is hit a pillow. On days when I can muster up a little more energy, I’ll use a liquid cleanser.

My cousin gave me these tea tree and salicylic acid patches a couple of months ago and I have been saving them specifically for our trip. They’re little clear stickers that work surprisingly well to clear up blemishes. They’re super slim and much more travel friendly than my Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, which is stored in a glass bottle.

Colab is a new brand for me and so far it’s a hit! The Rio tropical (papaya and pineapple) scent is intoxicating and while the dry shampoo does turn my hair white, I like how much volume and texture it creates. In my opinion, it’s also a travel essential!! With so little time in each city (four nights in Paris, four nights in Barcelona and four nights in Lisbon) I definitely won’t be wasting it washing or drying my hair every day. Also…I’m just lazy. Who’s with me?

Again…super extra but I am bringing three different scents of perfume. They’re all mini rollerballs from the Elizabeth and James family and don’t take up a lot of space, so why not have a variety? Nirvana White is more of a daytime scent, while Nirvana Black is quite masculine and more appropriate for evening wear. It’s also almost gone so I’m expecting it probably won’t last me the entire trip. Nirvana Bourbon is a 100 point perk I picked up from Sephora and in a slightly smaller bottle. While I’m not sure how I feel about the woodsy scent (it smells burnt to me) I do get lots of compliments when I wear it.

Dev and I will be sharing a shampoo bar and we both agreed on Seanik because it is not too girly smelling and not too manly smelling. Plus, it’s solid and therefore can be packed anywhere, saving room in my clear plastic bag for even more liquids (although probably not necessary)!

For the record, all of my liquids – makeup, toiletries and skincare – fit nicely inside this clear pouch that zipped out of my Lug Cosmetic Case.

Everything else is pretty standard if you ask me…Deodorant so I don’t smell bad; a toothbrush and toothpaste so my breath doesn’t smell bad; hand sanitizer so I don’t catch a cold on the plane or any other public/touristy areas we visit; hand cream…because dryness is inevitable; and spare contacts (plus cleaning solution) so I can see all the beautiful sights I’m hoping to see.

I realize we can buy most of these items while in Europe, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. I want to get there and be clean, comfortable and ready for anything!

Ps. If you missed my first post featuring all of the makeup items I am taking away, click here!


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